Wake the Dead Live

The program for March 1, 2008, featured the band Wake the Dead, hosted by Sandy Miranda.

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Wake the Dead Friend of the Devil (live)
  Ripple (live)
  Fenario (live)
  The Wheel (live)
  Scarlet Begonias (live)
  Lady with a Fan Blue Light Cheap Hotel (s/p)
  St. Stephen (live)
  Coleman's Cross / Bird Song Wake the Dead (Arista)
  Sugar Magnolia (live)
  Farewell Angelina (live)
  Dermot O'Beirne's / The Other One / The Pipe on the Hob Buckdancer's Choice (s/p)
  Boys of Ballinafad / U.S. Blues / Connaught Man's Rambles / Where's the Cat? / The New Fiddle Buckdancer's Choice (s/p)
  Don't Let Go / Martin Wynne's Reel Blue Light Cheap Hotel (s/p)