String Bands for 2007

The program for December 15, 2007, featured a variety of string bands from here and there.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Judith Edelman Why'd You Wait So Long Perfect World (Compass)
Michael Mullen Jenny's Favorite Fiddler's Creed (s/p)
Tim Hart Karen's Courage Five after Four (s/p)
New Set
Patrick Street The Galway Shawl On the Fly (Loftus Music)
Téada Planxty Crilly / Micho Russell's / Mickey Callaghan's Inné Amarach (Compass)
Gráda Cooler at the Edge Cloudy Day Navigator (Compass)
New Set
Nyckelharpa Orchestra Waltz after Byss-Calle Byss-Calle (NorthSide)
Väsen Trädfallarn Vals & Polska Trio (NorthSide)
Ale Möller Band I Nostalyia Djef Djel (Amigo Musik)
Mozaik Sandansko Oro / Mechkin Kamen Live at the Powerhouse (Compass)
Ross Daly Sandansko Oro / Majsko Oro Kin Kin (Seistron)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Judith Edelman Hardest Time of the Year Perfect World (Compass)
Trapezoid Rainfall / Little Rose Is Gone Cool of the Day (Sugar Hill)
Still on the Hill These Two Arms Live (Termite Tracs)
New Set
Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, et al. Song for Kaila Psychograss (Windham Hill)
The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band Der Heyser Bulgar Flower of Berezin (s/p)
Haris Alexiou Las Uvas (Ta Stafilakia) Guinda y Naranja Amarga (Vyssino kai Nerantzi) (Resistencia)
Fishtank Ensemble Saraiman Samurai over Serbia (s/p)
The Wayfaring Strangers Wayfaring Stranger Shifting Sands of Time (Rounder)
New Set
Misty River Black Muddy River Stories (s/p)
Nickel Creek House Carpenter This Side (Sugar Hill)
The Mammals Alone on the Homestead Departure (Humble Abode Music)
New Set
Kaleidoscope Life Will Pass You By The Best of... (Edsel)
Adamov, Staich & Co. Dremala Spavala (faded) Tamburitza! (Arhoolie)