Holly Tannen Live

Mendocino musician Holly Tannen shared her new CD Crazy Laughter and some other favorite music on October 27, 2007.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Holly Tannen Brownies for Breakfast Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Marie Laveau Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Traveler Unknown (live)
  The Edge Between Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Crazy Laughter Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  The Drunken Boat Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  The Soul Knows Its Own Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Bonobo Wannabee Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Are You Sleepin', Maggie Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Painted Toenails; Lay This Body Down Crazy Laughter (s/p)
  Alembic Crazy Laughter (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Metamora Fiddler's Hymn / Christmas Break Metamora (Sugar Hill)
Martin Carthy Broomfield Hill Landfall (Topic)
Cordelia's Dad May Blooming Field Cordelia's Dad (Omnium)
New Set
Dick Gaughan World Turned Upside Down Handful of Earth (Green Linnet)
New Set
Frifot Snettelin SummerSong (NorthSide)
Värttinä Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta Seleniko (Green Linnet)
Chaskinakuy Sahuaringui A Flor de Tierra (s/p)
June Tabor Di Nakht Aleyn (Green Linnet)
New Set
Panacea Breton Dances Panacea (Flaming Buddha Music)
New Set
John McCutcheon Caught in the Crossfire Water from Another Time (Rounder)
New Set
Andrew Cronshaw An Gille Don / Vaskilinnun Vaikerrus The Language of Snakes (Special Delivery)
New Set
Väsen Långt Ner I Småland / Slängpolska Nordic Roots (Northside)