The Thompson Family Hour

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 15, 2007
Hour 1: Thompson Family Hour

First Set

Richard & Linda Thompson, "A Heart Needs a Home," Watching the Dark, 3:58 Rykodisc

Richard Thompson, "Sunset Song," Sweet Warrior, 5:30 Shout! Factory

Linda Thompson, "The Way I Love You," Versatile Heart, 3:57 Rounder

Second Set

Linda Thompson, "Day after Tomorrow," Versatile Heart, 5:04 Rounder

Richard Thompson, "Guns Are the Tongues," Sweet Warrior, 7:20 Shout! Factory

Third Set

Teddy Thompson, "Wake Up," Teddy Thompson, 4:27 Virgin

Richard Thompson, "Needle and Thread," Sweet Warrior, 4:41 Shout! Factory

Linda Thompson, "Katy Cruel," Versatile Heart, 2:21 Rounder

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 15, 2007
Hour 2: Richard & Linda Thompson continued

First Set

Linda Thompson, "Stay Bright," Versatile Heart, 1:31 Rounder

Linda Thompson, "Versatile Heart," Versatile Heart, 3:25 Rounder

Richard & Linda Thompson, "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight," I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, 3:00 Island

Second Set

Richard & Linda Thompson, "Wall of Death," Shoot Out the Lights, 3:40 Polydor

Linda Thompson, "Fast Cars," Versatile Heart, 2:45 Rounder

Richard Thompson, "Dad's Gonna Kill Me," Sweet Warrior, 5:12 Shout! Factory

Third Set

Richard & Linda Thompson, "Strange Affair," First Light, 3:02 Island/Carthage

Richard Thompson, "She Sang Angels to Rest," Sweet Warrior, 3:20 Shout! Factory

Linda Thompson & Teddy Thompson, "Stay Bright," Versatile Heart, 1:48 Rounder

Fourth Set

Richard Thompson & Teddy Thompson, "Persuasion," Action Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years, 4:28 Capitol

Linda Thompson, "Blue and Gold," Versatile Heart, 3:02 Rounder

Fifth Set

Richard Thompson, "Johnny's Far Away," Sweet Warrior, 4:49 Shout! Factory

Linda Thompson, "Whiskey, Bob Copper, and Me," Versatile Heart, 2:50 Rounder

Richard & Linda Thompson, "Dimming of the Day," Pour Down like Silver, 3:46 Island