Poetry and Music

The program for August 25, 2007, blended poetry and music.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Margaret Starbird Lilium Regis (Francis Thompson) Mary Magdalen: Bride in Exile (Bear & Company)
Robin Williamson Flower of the Briar Songs of Love & Parting † Five Bardic Mysteries (TMC)
Jay Ansill (Anne Hills sings) A Lost World (Robert Graves) A Lost World (BCN)
New Set
Seamus Heaney / Liam O'Flynn The Given Note / Port na fPúcaí The Poet & the Piper (Claddagh)
Anúna Wind on Sea (Amergin) Essential Anúna (Koch)
Jack Hardy The Wedding Song The Hunter (Prime)
Music Under Announcements
Sileas The Shore of Gruinard Beating Harps (Green Linnet)
Seamus Heaney / Liam O'Flynn The Yellow Bittern (An Bonnán Bui), The Yellow Bittern / The Broken Pledge The Poet & the Piper (Claddagh)
Sean Cannon The Yellow Bittern Erin the Green (Ogham)
Cathie Ryan The Yellow Bittern The Music of What Happens (Shanachie)
Seamus Heaney / Liam O'Flynn St. Kevin and the Blackbird, Open the Door for Three The Poet & the Piper (Claddagh)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Robin Williamson The World (Henry Vaughan) The Seed-at-Zero (ECM)
Kelly Mulhollan Excerpts from: Continual Conversation with a Silent Man (Wallace Stevens) Never Ending Conversation (Termite Tracs)
Kiltartan Road The Withering of the Boughs (W.B. Yeats) In the Deep Heart's Core (Kiltartan Road)
Amy Tobin, Andrew Chaikin Praise (Ilya Kaminsky) Bridge Across the Blue (Word & Violin)
Holly Tannen Crazy Laughter (A. Rimbaud) Four Songs... (demo)
New Set
Oliver Rajamani Llorar (Federico García Lorca) Bridge Across the Blue (Word & Violin)
Joan Baez Casida of the Lament (Federico García Lorca) Baptism (Vanguard)
Joseph Sobol The Second Coming (W.B. Yeats) In the Deep Heart's Core, vol. 2: Cast a Cold Eye (Kiltartan Road)
Kelly Mulhollan End of the World (Jeremiah 4:19–26) Never Ending Conversation (Termite Tracs)
Tom Russell & Patricia Hardin Ring of Bone The Early Years (Dark Angel)
New Set
Holly Tannen A Strange Affair Invocation (Kicking Mule)
Ale Möller Band Xanalego Bodjal (Amigo Musik)
New Set
Solstice I Carry Your Heart with Me (E.E. Cummings) Full Circle (s/p)
Kelly Mulhollan Night (E.E. Cummings) Never Ending Conversation (Termite Tracs)
Bruce Cockburn Elegy (faded) Speechless (True North / Rounder)