Matthew Montfort Live, Chris Caswell Live

The program for August 11, 2007, featured live music by Matthew Montfort of the band Ancient Future, followed by harper Chris Caswell.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Matthew Montfort Morning Raga (live)
Ustad Habib Khan Dodge City Longing (X Dot 25)
Matthew Montfort Fretless Camel (live)
Ustad Habib Khan Indian Blues Ecstacy (RPG)
Matthew Montfort Purple Raga (live)
Ancient Future Socha Socha Planet Passion (
Fill music:
Aleph Null Tavalodeh Amanda Five Tales Foretold (s/p)
Aynur Bexo (Uyan) Keçe Kurdan (Kalan)
Arif Sağ O Kaş O Göz (faded) Dost Yarası (Bay)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Chris Caswell The Bells of Aberdobie (live)
  Hector the Hero (live)
Chris Caswell & Danny Carnahan The Grey Cairn / The Farmer's Curst Wife / The Devil to Pay Caswell & Carnahan (forthcoming)
Chris Caswell Dar Stöden Junfrau (live)
  Jenny Plucks Pears Holy Wood (Gargoyle)
  Bir Damet Yasmin (live)
Music Under Announcements
Jay Ansill The Two Horizons Origami (Flying Fish)