McNally’s Row of Flats with Mick Moloney

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 4, 2007
McNally's Row of Flats: Music & Conversation with Mick Moloney

1.) De Dannan & Maura O'Connell, "Maggie," The Star Spangled Molly, 3:57 Shanachie

2.) Laura Love, "Hard Times," You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes, 4:16 Koch

3.) Mick Moloney, "Danny by My Side," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:38 Compass

4.) Paul Brady, "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore," Welcome Here Kind Stranger, 6:07 Mulligan Music

5.) Mick Moloney, "Maggie Murphy's Home," McNally's Row of Flats, 4:19 Compass

6.) Mick Moloney & The Chieftains, "Muldoon, The Solid Man," The Long Journey Home, 3:42 RCA/BMG

7.) Mick Moloney, "Old Boss Barry," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:26 Compass

8.) Mick Moloney, "The Mulligan Guards," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:25 Compass

9.) Mick Moloney, "The Babies on Our Block," McNally's Row of Flats, 4:31 Compass

10.) Mick Moloney, "Are You There, Moriarty?" McNally's Row of Flats, 2:30 Compass

11.) Mick Moloney, "My Dad's Dinner Pail," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:37 Compass

12.) Mick Moloney, "No Irish Need Apply," Far from the Shamrock Shore, 3:18 Shanachie

13.) Mick Moloney, "McNally's Row of Flats," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:49 Compass

14.) Mick Moloney, "Patrick's Day Parade," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:30 Compass

15.) Mick Moloney, "The Kellys," Far from the Shamrock Shore, 3:03 Shanachie

16.) Mick Moloney, "The Boatman," Far from the Shamrock Shore, 3:37 Shanachie

17.) De Dannan & Maura O'Connell, "My Irish Molly-O," The Star Spangled Molly, 3:37 Shanachie

18.) Solas, "Boy / Girl Tune," The Hour Before Dawn, 3:29 Shanachie

19.) Athena Tergis, "Johnny McGreevy's / Owney Davey's / O'Callaghan's / Margaree Reel," A Letter Home, 4:32 Compass

20.) Mick Moloney & Athena Tergis, tune by Ed Reavy (live)