The Smyrna Time Machine, Earth Day

The program for April 21, 2007, featured live music by the Smyrna Time Machine, followed by some songs for Earth Day.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Smyrna Time Machine To Kapilio (live)
  Antikere-O Pote Thelis Thalassa (live)
  Yianno M'Louloudia Mazouni (live)
  Oso Varoun ta Sidhera (live)
  To Diamandou Stin Ellada (live)
  Karavi Karavaki (live)
Opisthodhromiki Kompania Anapsi to Tsigaro Stis Xanthos, Sto Aiginiteio, Sto A/G "KOS" (Lyra)
Melihat Gülses Aman Katerina Mou İstanbul'dan Atina'ya Türküler / Tragoudhia apo Tin Poli Stin Athina (Odeon)
Roza Eskenazi Zafíria Ine Ta Mátia Sou 1933–1936 (Heritage)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Kathleen Tracy Dance with Your Whole Heart Calling the Dragons Home (Kiraboo)
George Papavgeris An Immigrant's Lament (mp3)
Still on the Hill White Tailed Deer Live (Termite Tracs)
New Set
Alice DiMicele The Cottonwoods By Ebb & by Flow (Alice Otter Music)
Helen Rogerson Whales Songs for Sea Shepherd (Kitnkaboodle Productions)
Chuck Cheesman Wolves of Lamar Valley Campfire (s/p)
Eileen McGann Last of the Truly Wild Beyond the Storm (Dragonwing Music)
Still on the Hill Beautiful Butterfly Chaos & Calm (s/p)
New Set
Linda Waterfall Ponderosa Pine Place of Refuge (s/p)
Bruce Cockburn Shining Mountain High Winds White Sky (True North / Rounder)
Karine Polwart Follow the Heron Scribbling in Chalk (Spit & Polish)
Music Under Announcements
Bruce Cockburn Deep Lake Speechless (Rounder)