The Marla Fibish Trio Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 14, 2007
Hour 1: Marla Fibish Trio

"Wheels of the World / John Dwyer's / Christmas Eve" (live)

"Gypsy Princess / Granny in the Corner / Fleur de Mandragore" (live)

"Mary and the Soldier" (live)

"Bold Dougherty / Price of My Pig / Northern Jig / Three L'il Drummers" (live)

"Tuttle's / The Noisy Curlew / Easy & Free" (live)

Peter Ostroushko, "Christian Creek," Sluz Duz Music, 5:00 Rounder

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 14, 2007
Hour 2: Spring Has Sprung

Opening Song

Chantan (Corrina Hewat, Christine Kydd, Elspeth Cowie), "Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa'," Auld Lang Syne, 3:03 Culburnie Records

First Set

Chris Wood, Roger Wilson, & Martin Carthy, "Scarborough Fair," Wood, Wilson, Carthy, 4:08 RUF

Maddy Prior & the Girls, "Rain," Bib & Tuck, 4:14 Park Records

Alex de Grassi, "White Rain," Slow Circle, 3:35 Windham Hill Records

Second Set

Pentangle, "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme," Pentangle, 2:43 Transatlantic

Martin & Jessica Simpson, "The Gardener's Child," Red Roses, 8:13 Thunderbird

Third Set

James Taylor, "Blossom," Sweet Baby James, 2:06 Warner Bros.

Sandy Denny, "Sweet Rosemary," Sandy, 2:26 Island

Mary McCaslin, "Blackbird," Things We Said Today, 2:23 Philo/Rounder

Tim O'Brien, "New Grange," Christmas Heritage, 3:08 Compass

Fourth Set

Si Kahn, "Gonna Rise Again," In My Heart, 2:58 Philo/Rounder

David Olney, "Roses," Roses, 3:10 Rounder

Rebecca Riots, "Gardener," Gardener, 4:01 Appleseed


Jim Ringer & Mary McCaslin, "The Bramble and the Rose," Things We Said Today, 3:15 Philo/Rounder

Richard Shindell, "A Summer Wind, a Cotton Dress," Courier, 3:54 Signature Sounds