Martin Carthy Live, Chieftains Radio Special

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 17, 2007
Hour 1: Martin Carthy Live

1.) Waterson:Carthy, "Green Broom," Fishes and Fine Yellow Sand, 4:00 Topic

2.) "Christ Made a Trance" (live)

3.) Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger, excerpt from The Travelling People, 4:02 Topic

Phoebe Smith, "I Am a Romany," Songs of the Travelling People, 1:54 Saydisc Records

Waterson:Carthy, "Awake Awake," Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man, 4:06 Topic

4.) "Geordie" (live)

5.) "Farewell Lovely Nancy" (live)

6.) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, "Royal Oak," Straws in the Wind, 3:22 Topic

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 17, 2007
Hour 2: The Chieftains / A Radio Special for St. Patrick's Day

1.) The Chieftains, "Lots of Drops of Brandy"

2.) The Chieftains, "O'Sullivan's March," Rob Roy

3.) The Chieftains, "Boil the Breakfast Early"

4.) The Chieftains, "Women of Ireland / Morning Dew," Barry Lyndon soundtrack

5.) The Chieftains, "Santiago de Cuba"

6.) The Chieftains, "Full of Joy," The Chieftains in China

7.) The Chieftains & Sting, "Mo Ghile Mar," The Long Black Veil

8.) The Chieftains & Van Morrison, "Shenandoah"

9.) The Chieftains & Alison Krauss, "Molly Ban," Down the Old Plank Road

10.) The Chieftains & Sinead O'Connor, "The Foggy Dew"

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