Cats and Dogs and Other Animals

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 3, 2007
Hour 1: Cats and Dogs


Roy Zimmerman, "Chicken Hawk," Faulty Intelligence, 3:00 (self-produced)

First Set

Cheryl Wheeler, "Meow," Sylvia Hotel, 2:57 Philo/Rounder

Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble, "I Love My Cat," Fetch, 2:33 (self-produced)

Oscar Brand, "Cat-alist," I Love Cats, 2:05 Alcazar Productions

Harvey Pekar commentary 3:40

Garrison Keillor, "The In and Out Cat Song," Prairie Home Comedy, 3:19

Les Barker, "Guide Cats for the Blind," Arovertherapy, 3:21 Mrs. Ackroyd Enterprises

Cindy Mangsen, "Open That Can," Cat Tales, 3:03 Compass Rose Music

Adrian Legg, "My Blackbird Sings All Night," Inheritance, 3:51 Favored Nations

Adrian Legg, "Tiddles the Cat" (story, recorded live in the KALW studios) 5:41

Darcie Deaville, "Blackbird on the Runway / Dalmatians on the Roof," Tornado in Slo Mo, 3:29 Redwing Music

Midway Music

Kevin Burke & Open House, "The Split Rock / The Pipe on the Hob / Blue Adder," Hoof and Mouth, 5:30 Green Linnet

Second Set

Cheryl Wheeler, "Howl at the Moon," Mrs. Pinnocci's Guitar, 3:25 Philo/Rounder

Peter, Paul, & Mary, "Autumn to May," Peter, Paul, & Mary, 2:45 Warner Bros.

Cindy Kallet, "Skunk Don't Care," This Way Home, 3:16 Stone's Throw Music

Cindy Kallet, "Mouse's Dream," Dreaming Down a Quiet Line, 1:55 Stone's Throw Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 3, 2007
Hour 2: Animals

First Set

Les Barker, "Spot the Zebra," Arovertherapy, 2:18 Mrs. Ackroyd Enterprises

Terri Hendrix, "Peggy the Goat," Celebrate the Difference, 1:33 Wilory Records

Terri Hendrix, "Celebrate the Difference," Celebrate the Difference, 1:53 Wilory Records

Second Set

Bruce Molsky, "Lazy John / The Bucking Mule," Soon Be Time, 4:11 Compass Records

Dan Zanes, "Daniel in the Den," House Party, 2:59 festival five records

Tim O'Brien, "Man Gave Names to All the Animals," Red on Blonde, 4:24 Sugar Hill

June Tabor, "The Late Passenger / Unicorns," Always, 10:34 Topic Records

Third Set

Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein, & Michael Cicone, "The Last Leviathan," Angels in Daring, 4:08 Overall Music

John Malcolm, "Boxer's Story," Gentle Giants, 3:35 Greentrax

Chuck Cheesman, "The Wolf," Campfire, 3:49 (self-produced)


Fred Small, "Larry the Polar Bear," The Heart of the Appaloosa, 5:54 Rounder

A Patchwork Quilt Playlist for March 3, 2007
A Toast to Those Who Are Gone


Phil Ochs, "A Toast to Those Who Are Gone," Farewells and Fantasies, 3:29 Rhino

First Set

Mark Spoelstra, "I'm a Stranger Everywhere," Out of My Hands, 3:28 Origin Jazz Library

Bob Dylan, "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down," Biograph, 2:34 Sony/Columbia

Dave Van Ronk, "Last Call," Going Back to Brooklyn, 2:31 Hightone Records

Second Set

Mark Spoelstra, "Angelette in Blue," Out of My Hands, 3:46 Origin Jazz Library

Odetta, "Jack O'Diamonds," A Taste of Tradition, 3:12 Tradition

David Lindley & Wally Ingram, "New Minglewood Blues," Twango Bango Deluxe, 6:12 (self-produced)

Third Set

Dock Boggs, "Sugar Baby," Anthology of American Folk Music, 2:56 Smithsonian/Folkways

Bob Dylan, "The Cuckoo," Chronicles / 6-Song Sampler, 2:17 Sony/Columbia

Richard & Mimi Fariña, "The Falcon," Celebration for a Grey Day, 3:38 Vanguard

Fourth Set

Richie Havens, "Handsome Johnny," Mixed Bag, 3:52 Verve/Forecast

Tom Paxton, "Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation," The Best of Tom Paxton, 3:03 Elektra/Rhino

Mark Spoelstra, "Civil Defense Sign," The Best of Broadside, 3:47 Smithsonian/Folkways

Fifth Set

Bob Dylan, "The Ballad of Emmett Till," Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Blues, 4:22 (bootleg)

Judy Collins, "In the Heat of the Summer," Forever, 3:25 Elektra

Buffy St. Marie, "Little Wheel Spin and Spin," The Best of Buffy St. Marie, 2:26 Vanguard

Sixth Set

Reverend Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick & James Collier, "Everybody's Got a Right to Live," Pete Seeger Now, 3:18 Columbia

Hedy West, "Pans of Biscuits," Save the Children, 2:34 Women Strike For Peace

Uncle Dave Macon, "Down the Old Plank Road," Anthology of American Folk Music, 2:58 Smithsonian/Folkways

Nanci Griffith, "He Was a Friend of Mine," Other Voices, Too," 3:15 Elektra


Phil Ochs, "When I'm Gone," Farewells and Fantasies, 4:00 Rhino