Grand Tour of Celtic Lands

The program for February 24, 2007, featured music from various parts of the Celtic universe.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Dervish Beauties of Autumn Spirit (Whirled Discs)
Luar na Lubre Espiral Espiral (Warner)
Llan de Cubel Urbiés Un Tiempu Meyor (Fono Astur)
Luétiga Me Bisti las Alvellanas 15 Años a lo Vivu (s/p)
Music Under Announcements
David Munnelly The Cuckoo's Nest, Kimmer's By Heck (Mad River)
Milladoiro Alalás de Ulla Auga de Maio (Green Linnet)
Kornog Là-Bas dans la Prairie / Ronds de Saint-Vincent Korong (Green Linnet)
Soïg Sibéril Abril / Omaio Xota de Ourense Digor! (Coop Breizh)
Crasdant Mympwy Llwyd (Lloyd's Whim) Dwndwr: The Great Noise (Sain)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Emma Christian Gheay Jeh'n Aer (The Sea Invocation) Beneath the Twilight (Manx/Celtic Productions)
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley Adelaide / The Phantom Light Mither o' the Sea (Greentrax)
Brendan Power The Drunken Landlady / The Wind That Shakes the Barley / John Stenson's No. 2 New Irish Harmonica (Green Linnet)
New Set
Dalla Begone Hallan Mouy! (More Salt!) (demo)
Mairi MacInnes Nighean Chruinn Donn Orosay (Greentrax)
Natalie MacMaster Where's Howie? No Boundaries (Rounder)
Leahy B Minor Leahy (Narada)
New Set
Robin Williamson Five Denials on Merlin's Grave A Glint at the Kindling (TMC)
New Set
Theo Paige Dinkey's / Rogha an Phiobaire Theo Paige (Aniar)
Tipsy House The Rainy Day / Limestone Rock Sets in the City (s/p)
Michael Mullen The Tinkers Welcome Set Flddler's Creed (Wise Cat)
New Set
Tim Hart Karen's Courage Five after Four (s/p)
Steve Baughman Bony Crossing the Alps A Drop of the Pure (Tall Tree)
Chris Stout Hillswick (faded) First o' the Darkenin' (Greentrax)