Post-Thanksgiving Songs, 2006

Some post-Thanksgiving songs came to you on November 25, 2006.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Fairport Convention Now Be Thankful XXXV (Compass)
Oak, Ash & Thorn To Anacreaon in Heaven Sowing Wild Oats & Out on a Limb (Tosspot)
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Bring Us In Good Ale Summer Solstice (Shanachie)
Robin Williamson The Wood Cutter's Song The Merry Band's Farewell Concert at McCabe's (Pig's Whisker Music)
Loreena McKennitt Banquet Hall The Drive the Cold Winter Away (Quinlan Road)
Derek Bell Untitled Air / Thomas a Búrca Ancient Music for the Irish Harp (Claddagh)
Music Under Announcements
Steve Baughman French Country Dances: Danses de Deux Pomme Frittes The Angel's Portion (Solid Air)
Allan Taylor Pearls and Wine Hotels & Dreamers (Stockfisch)
June Tabor Where Are You Tonight, I Wonder? Aqaba (Topic)
Sandy Denny No End The Attic Tracks 1972–1984 (Raven)
Pete Morton Thanksgiving Hunting the Heart (Harbourtown)
Jay Ansill Here Til Here Is There Incredible String Band Tribute Vol. 2 (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Richard Shindell Hazel's House Vuelta (Koch)
Priscilla Herdman Follow That Road Forever & Always (Flying Fish)
Margo Hennebach Home at Last Big Love (Prime)
Cindy Kallet Red Spruce (This Way Home) This Way Home (Stone's Throw Music)
New Set
Zoe Mulford Elegy (Crystal Glass) Roadside Saints (Azalea City)
Alisa Fineman Mama's Hope Chest Better with Time (Hummingbird Music)
Dana & Karen Kletter Raisins and Almonds Dear Enemy (Hannibal)
Woven Image Canticle of the Turning Woven Image (s/p)
Bob Franke Thanksgiving Eve In This Night (Flying Fish)
New Set
Mary Youngblood Dance with the Wind Dance with the Wind (Silver Wave)
Skychasers People of the Sun Full Moon Sessions (Canyon)
Johnny Mike Four Songs Hear Our Prayers: Harmonized Peyote Songs (Canyon)
Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman Heart of the Wind (faded) Heart of the Wind (Canyon)