Teslim Live, HarpScotch Live

The program for November 11, 2006, began our on-air folk festival, with live performances by the duo Teslim (Kaila Flexer and Gary Hegedus) and the duo HarpScotch (Mirabelle Korn and Liza Wallace).

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Teslim Stephaninos (trad.) (live)
  Raks Aksagi (Stelios Petrakis) (live)
  Zikrayati (live)
  Gorgona (Petrakis) / Papacusios (Gari) (live)
  Elk / High Tide (Kaila) / Yiettiere (trad.) (live)
  Azade (Gari) (live)
Music Under Announcements
Basya Schechter By Way of Haran Queen's Dominion (Tzadik)
Stellamara Seven Valleys The Seven Valleys (Hearts of Space)
Erdal and Mercan Erzincan Güllerim Ali Çağırır (faded) (Turkish Radio Television performance, by way of YouTube)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
HarpScotch Meander (Liza Wallace) (live)
  Chorale for Marlena (Liza) (live)
  Carousel (Liza) (live)
  Perilous Sea (Mirabelle Korn) (live)
  The White Leaf (Mirabelle) / The Golden Grape (Liza) (live)
HarpScotch + Teslim Little Ilahi for Beth (Kaila) (live)