John Hoban Live, Celto-Scandinavian Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 21, 2006
Hour 1: New and Recent Celtic Releases

(Following John Hoban Live)

First Set

Mick Moloney, "McNally's Row of Flats," McNally's Row of Flats, 3:49 Compass

Plektronite, "Puistolan Paavin Perempi Sottiisi," Plektreniitit Tuloo! 3:55 Plexi

Second Set

Mary Jane Lamond, "The Grey Haired Old Lady from Raasay," Storas, 3:16 turtlemusik

Kathleen MacInnes, "Last Night I Was on the Shieling," Summer Dawn, 2:40 Greentrax

John McSherry & Donal O'Connor, "Tripswitch," Tripswitch, 4:31 Compass

Pauline Scanlon & Darrell Scott, "The Demon Lover," Hush, 3:40 Compass

Harv, "Guttis," Polka Reggioso, 4:03 Northside

Midway Music

Maria Kalaniemi & Sven Ahlback, "Randen (Stripe)," Airbow, 5:03 Northside

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 21, 2006
Hour 2: New and Recent Celto-Scandinavian Releases

First Set

Varttina, "The Lie," Miero, 4:16 RealWorld

JPP, "One For Sven," Artology, 3:12 Northside

Varttina, "9 Locks," Miero, 2:46 RealWorld

Second Set

Fiddler's Bid, "Seven Step Polka," Naked & Bare, 3:58 Greentrax

Frigg, "Daavid Ja Mina," Oasis, 3:15 Northside

Harv, "Direktor Deg," Polka Reggioso, 4:32 Northside

Third Set

Vasen, "Hasse A's," Live in Japan, 3:01 Northside

Bazar Bla, "Stomping Ground," Folk Alliance Showcase Compilation VII, 4:14 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, "The Scandinavian," Fire & Grace, 4:55 Culburnie Records

Barry Phillips, "Fanitullen," Trad, 2:46 (self-produced)

Closing Set

Dougie MacLean, "Seventh Sea," Inside the Thunder, 5:28 Dunkeld

Natalie MacMaster, "Farewell to Peter," Yours Truly, 4:04 Rounder