Mark Spoelstra Live, Scottish Games

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 19, 2006
Hour 1: Mark Spoelstra Live

First Set

Richard Thompson, "I Ain't a Marchin' Anymore," RT, 2:50 Free Reed Music

Richard Shindell, "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy," Vuelta, 4:28 Koch

Mark Spoelstra, "Civil Defense Sign," The Best of Broadside, 3:47 Smithsonian/Folkways

(Songs performed by Mark Spoelstra will be posted following his live performance)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 19, 2006
Hour 2: Preview of the Scottish Gathering and Games

(Following interview with Neil O'Neill.)

First Set

Wicked Tinkers, "Dream Set," Hammered, 3:02 (self-produced)

Tempest, "Old Man at the Mill," Shapeshifter, 3:39 Magna Carta

Molly's Revenge, "New Toss the Feathers Set," MRIV, 3:56 (self-produced)

Second Set

The Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh, "Suithad A' Bhalachaibh/Hi Somhairle," Bringing Down the House, 1:56 Woodenship Records

Distant Oaks, "Blarney Pilgrim / Larach Alasdair," Music of Carmina Gadelica, 3:43 Northern Wind Recordings

Fiddlesticks & Ivory, "Swashbuckling Iain," The San Francisco Collection, vol. 2, 4:38 (self-produced)

Third Set

Ed Miller, "A Man's a Man," Generations of Change, 3:50 Wellfield Records

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, "Shetland Set," Fire & Grace, 4:02 Culburnie Records


Distant Oaks, "***," Music of Carmina Gadelica, 3:26 Northern Wind Recordings