Mícheál Ó Domhnaill Remembered

The program for July 22, 2006, looked back on the music of late Irish singer, guitarist, arranger, and producer Mícheál Ó Domhnaill.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill and Paddy Glackin Eilí Gheal Chuíun Celtic Christmas: Silver Anniversary Edition (Windham Hill)
New Set
The Bothy Band The Kesh Jig / Give Us a Drink of Water / The Flower of the Flock / Famous Ballymote 1975 (Green Linnet)
  Rip the Calico Out of the Wind, Into the Sun (Green Linnet)
  The Maid of Coolmore Old Hag You Have Killed Me (Green Linnet)
  The Death of Queen Jane After Hours (Green Linnet)
  Calum Sgaire Old Hag You Have Killed Me (Green Linnet)
New Set
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill "It's a vast country..." (interview)
The Bothy Band A Jig and Five Reels Live in Concert (BBC/Windsong)
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill (Mouth music) (interview)
The Bothy Band Fionnghuala / Farewell to Erin Live in Concert (BBC/Windsong)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Kevin Burke and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill Coinleach Promenade (Green Linnet)
Relativity Siún Ní Dhuibhir Gathering Pace (Green Linnet)
Maighread & Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill with Donal Lunny The Banks of Claudy Idir an Dá Sholas (Between the Two Lights) (Green Linnet)
Relativity Gile Mear Relativity (Green Linnet)
Kevin Burke and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill Breton Gavottes Portland (Green Linnet)
New Set
Nightnoise Water Falls Shadow of Time (Windham Hill)
Nightnoise Something of Time Something of Time (Windham Hill)
Skara Brae Táim Breoite Go Lear Skara Brae (Gael Linn)
Liam Weldon The Town of Castle D'Oliver Dark Horse on the Wind (Mulligan)
Kevin Burke & Mícheál Ó Domhnaill The Promenade Promenade (Green Linnet)
Music Under Announcements
Nightnoise The Kid in the Cot The Parting Tide (Windham Hill)
Nightnoise An Irish Carol The Parting Tide (Windham Hill)