Laura Love Live, Afro-Celts

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 15, 2006
Hour 1: Laura Love Live

"Can I Get a Wet Nurse," Welcome to Pagan Place, Koch

"Let Your Freak Flag Fly" (live)

"I Want You Gone" (live)

"Good Enough" (live)

"Satisfied" (live)

"Happy Little Song," Welcome to Pagan Place, Koch

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 15, 2006
Hour 2: The Afro-Celt Sound

First Set

Christy Moore, "Biko Drum," Christy Moore, 3:54 Atlantic

Afro Celts, "Seed," Seed, 6:25 RealWorld

Capercaillie, "Inexile," Women of Spirit, 4:25 Putumayo

Thalweg, "Toughach Aiejig," Berbero.Celtic, 4:08 Coop Breizh

Second Set

Dougie MacLean, "Slave's Lament," Indigenous, 3:50 Dunkeld

Davy Spillane, "The Storm," Out of the Air, 5:55 Tara

Luka Bloom, "The Acoustic Motorbike," The Acoustic Motorbike, 4:14 Reprise

Eliza Carthy, "Stingo / The Stacking Reel," Red Rice, 6:13 Topic

Third Set

Paul Brady, "The World Is What You Make It," Nobody Knows, 4:09 Rykodisc

Afro Celts, "Ayub's Song / As You Were," Seed, 7:31 RealWorld

De Dannan, "Mandela," A Jacket of Batteries, 3:40 Harmac

Fourth Set

Susan McKeown, "Oro Mhile E Gra," Sweet Liberty, 4:27 World Village/Harmonia Mundi

Fifth Set

Nightnoise, "Something of Time," Something of Time, 3:04 Windham Hill

Skara Brae, "An Cailin Rua," Skara Brae, 2:38 Gael Linn