Music of Australia with Lynn King

The program for July 8, 2006, featured recent releases from Australia, presented by guest host Lynne King.


Tr 1 The Call of the Kookaburra
Various artists: Our Land Our Music
From the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Tr. 2 The Bushwackers
That's Australia
Various artists: That's Australia

First set

Tr. 1 Enda Kenny
Colours of Australia
Twelve Songs

Tr.2 Cloudstreet
Dance Up the Sun
Dance Up the Sun

Tr. 3 Bernard Carney
The Sugar and the Grain
No Time Like the Future

Tr.4 Margaret Walters
Murrunbidgee Waters
Power in a Song

Tr.5 Jim Low

Second set

Tr. 1 Nancy Kerr and James Fagan
The Drover's Boy
Between the Dark and Light

Tr.2 Buckley's Choice
Barelegged Kate
Australia Home Again and Free

Tr. 3 Margaret Walters and John Warner
The Outside Track
Who Was Here?

Tr. 4 Wongiwilli
Songs of the Bush
Live at the Local

Tr.5 Kate Fagan
Station Sisters
Diamond Wheel

Tr. 6 Judy Small
From the Lambing to the Wool
Various artists: That's Australia

Third set: Ned Kelly

Tr.1 Warren Fahey
My Name Is Edward Kelly
A Panorama of Bush Songs

Tr.2 Nancy Kerr and James Fagan
Kelly's Farewell
Between the Dark and Light

Tr.3 The Cobbers
The Ballad of the Kelly Gang
From Celt to Cobber

Tr.4 Lazy Harry
The Ned Kelly Story

Tr.5 Eric Bogle
The Legend of Kelly
Traitor's Gate Folk Club Five Years On

Tr. 6 Redgum
Poor Ned
Against the Grain

Tr.7 Peter Hicks
Glenrowan/Ned Kelly Song
The Times We've Been Through

Final set

Tr.1 The Fagans
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Kitchen Dance

Tr.2 Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton
Dancing at Whitsun
Ten Thousand Miles

Tr. 3 Denis Tracy
The Week Before Easter
Traitor's Gate Folk Club Five Years On

Outro The Bushwackers
Waltzing Matilda (Queensland Version)
So Far

Lynne offers these hints if you are looking for the music:

Most everything I am playing with the exception of Peter Hicks and the latest Cloudstreet can be purchased from the Australian distributor Folktrax.

CDs by Peter Hicks may be available at, if they are in print.

For Cloudstreet, go to their site.

I strongly recommend that everyone check out these bands online, and if you like what you find there, to purchase their music. They are not well known outside Australia and deserve a much wider audience than they currently have.