Laura Risk Live, Solstice Live

The program for June 17, 2006, featured live appearances by fiddler Laura Risk and the women's a capella group Solstice. Laura Risk is an instructor at the upcoming Fiddlekids day camp, and Solstice performs the following week at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Laura Risk Willie Murray's / Dunse Dings Da' (live)
  Antoine's Jig (live)
  MoChuachag Laghach (My Kindly Sweetheart) / The Glen Where the Deer Is / Deadan Glan a Philobair (The Pipe Slang) 2000 Miles (s/p)
  Rèel à Marie Pier / Rachoudine (live)
  Gabriel and Diana (live)
  Galope de Jonquière / Mrs. Mary MacDonald The Merry Making (Dorian)
  Johnny Cope Celtic Dialogue (Dorian)
Alasdair Fraser / Natalie Haas Rob Roy Crosses the Minch Fire & Grace (Culburnie)
Catriona McKay & Chris Stout Smugglers Laebrack (Greentrax)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Solstice Sinisia Punasia Ruusunkukkia (live)
  Blood and Gold (live)
  Ufros Aleinu (live)
In Harmony's Way Jongo In Harmony's Way (s/p)
Solstice Legénycsúfoló (live)
  Värmlandsvisan (live)
  Sankofa (live)
  I Carry Your Heart (live)
  Shto Mi e Milo (live)
Sylvia Herold & Euphonia Kitty and I Lovely Nancy (s/p)
The PickPocket Ensemble Packed Her Things If I Were a Highway (s/p)
The PickPocket Ensemble Midnight (faded) Fingerpainting in Red Wine (s/p)