Women’s Music with Margie Adam, Janis Ian Interview

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 1, 2006
Hour 1: Women's Music with Margie Adam

Opening Set

Alex Dobkin, "The Woman in Your Life," Love & Politics: A 30-Year Saga, 2:59 Ladyslipper Music

Margie Adam, "We Shall Go Forth," The Best of Margie Adam, 4:13 Pleiades Records

Second Set

Cris Williamson, "Shooting Star," The Changer and the Changed, 2:39 Olivia Records

Margie Adam, "Sweet Friend," The Best of Margie Adam, 2:40 Pleiades Records

Barbara Higbie, "Charlie Riley," Variations on a Happy Ending, 4:02 Slowbaby Records

Third Set

Malvina Reynolds, "Bury Me in My Overalls," Ear to the Ground, 2:49 Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings

Elizabeth Cotton, "Wilson Rag," La Guitara, 1:37 Vanguard Records

Fourth Set

Ani di Franco, "In or Out," Imperfectly, 3:02 Righteous Babe

Jill Sobule, "I Kissed a Girl," Jill Sobule, 3:14 Lava


Margie Adam, "Avalon," Portal, 4:27 Pleiades Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 1, 2006
Hour 2: Janis Ian (rebroadcast from November 18, 1995)

(Starts with music: "When the Party's Over," Between the Lines, 2:55 Columbia Records

Segment #1 3:08
Q: "there's no time to do anything but be on a bus or be on stage."
Music: "This Train Still Runs," Breaking Silence, 4:04 Morgan Creek Music

Segment #2 3:32
Q: "wanted to be a songwriter rather than a star."
Music: "Society's Child," Janis Ian, 3:08 Verve/Forecast

Segment #3 2:20
Q: "let's move on."
Music: "This House," Breaking Silence, 5:05 Morgan Creek Music

Segment #4 2:39
Q: "it's all perception, you know."
Music: "At Seventeen," Between the Lines, 4:41 Columbia Records

Segment #5 2:38
Q: "same priorities I do."
Music: "Breaking Silence," Breaking Silence, 3:10 Morgan Creek Music

Segment #6 2:32
Q: "but that let me finish the song."
Music: "Tatoo," Breaking Silence, 4:20 Morgan Creek Music

Segment #7 1:17
Q: "and you didn't know how to get out."
Music: "His Hands," Breaking Silence, 5:18 Morgan Creek Music

Segment #8 2:24
Q: "I didn't think of it in those terms."
Music: "Ride Me like a Wave," Breaking Silence, 3:41 Morgan Creek Music

Segment #9 2:09
Q: "yeah, there you go."
Music: "When the Silence Falls," Revenge, 2:30 Beacon Records

Segment #10 1:51
Q: "thanks for having me on. KALW, the host with the most."
Music: "All Roads to the River," Breaking Silence, 3:05 Morgan Creek Music