Recent Releases for Winter 2005

The program for December 10, 2005, featured recent releases from Scotland, Ireland, England, America, and elsewhere.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Jay Ansill Allie Tribute to the Incredible String Band (s/p)
Karine Polwart Resolution Road Faultlines (Neon)
New Set
Dougie MacLean Eternity Indigenous (Dunkeld)
Vashti Bunyan If I Were Lookaftering (DiCristina)
Music Under Announcements
Tony McManus & Alain Genty Tor Ma Var / Melen Aour Singing Sands (Compass)
Margaret Christl Leaboys Lassie Live at Leith (Logans Line)
Malinky King Orfeo The Unseen Hours (Greentrax)
Jock Tamson's Bairns The Bonnie Earl o' Moray Rare (Greentrax)
Kate Rusby Wandering Soul The Girl Who Couldn't Fly (Compass)
Pete Morton A Love That I Don't Understand Flying an Unknown Flag (Harbourtown)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Pearls Before Swine Full Fathom Five / I Shall Not Care The Wizard of Is (Water)
Kelly Mulhollan In Memory of W.B. Yeats Part III Never Ending Conversation (s/p)
Bob Franke For Real The Other Evening in Chicago (Waterbug)
Anne Lister How to Find True Love Waiting for the Hero (Hearthfire)
New Set
Maria del Mar Bonet Mons Apart Amic, Amat (PICAP)
Souad Massi That's Life (Denya Wizmen) Honeysuckle (Mesk Elil) (Wrasse)
New Set
John McCormick The Farthest Field The Farthest Field (Phantom)
Catriona McKay & Chris Stout Turns Laebrock (Greentrax)
Piper Mark Walstrom introduced this year's Drone Magic Bagpipe Festival in this segment.
Ilias Kostopoulos Hasápikos (faded) Bagpipes of Greece (Topic)