Si Kahn Live, Eric Anderson and SONiA Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for December 3, 2005
Hour 1: Si Kahn

1.) Si Kahn, "Aragon Mill," In My Heart, 3:49 Rounder

2.) John McCutcheon, "Ghost of the Good Old Days," The Greatest Story Never Told, 3:05 Red House Records

3.) Si Kahn, "We're Still Here" live

4.) Si Kahn, "Hear Doc Watson Play" live

5.) Si Kahn, "There But For" live

6.) Si Kahn, "Stranger in This Land" live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for December 3, 2005
Hour 2: Eric Andersen and SONiA

1.) Eric Andersen, "Violets of Dawn," Best of Eric Andersen, 3:47 Vanguard

2.) Eric Andersen, "Bold Marauder," Waves, 4:20 Appleseed Recordings

3.) Eric Andersen, "You Can't Relive the Past," You Can't Relive the Past, 4:03 Appleseed Recordings

4.) SONiA, "Gangsters of Love" live

5.) Eric Andersen, "Today's the Highway" live

6.) Eric Andersen, "White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land," The Street Was Always There, 5:21 Appleseed Recordings

7.) Disappear Fear, "Is There Anybody Here?" Disappear Fear, 5:40 Philo/Rounder

8.) SONiA, "No Bomb Is Smart" live

9.) Eric Andersen, "The Other Side of This Life" live

10.) Danko/Fjeld/Andersen, "Women Cross the River," Danko, Fjeld, Andersen, 3:26 Ryko

11.) Si Kahn, "Grandma" (faded), Been a Long Time, 3:54 Sliced Bread