Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 5, 2005
Hour 1: Early Classical/Folk

Opening Songs

Dead Can Dance, "Saltarello," A Passage in Time, 2:35 Ryko

Shira Kammen, "Frog Drums," Music of Waters, 2:45 Bright Angel Records

First Set

Therese Schroeder-Sheker, "Two Villancicos," The Queen's Minstrel, 1:12 Windham Hill

Shira Kammen, "Ce Moys de May," The Almanac, 2:38 Bright Angel Records

Douglas Gunn Ensemble, "Thugamar fein an Samhradh linn," Carolan agus Ceolta Eile, 2:00 Gael-Linn

John Renbourn, "Bransle Gay / Bransle de Bourgonge," The Lady and the Unicorn, 2:47 Transatlantic

Second Set

Anonymous 4, "Wondrous Love," American Angels, 2:35 Harmonia Mundi USA

Shira Kammen, "The Oar Wheel," The Almanac, 3:28 Bright Angel Records

Ensemble Alcatraz, "Quen a Virgin ben servira," Visions and Miracles, 5:26 Nonesuch

Midway Music

The Bowhouse Quintet, "Thornton's," Live in Ennis, 4:42 KRL Lochshore

Third Set

Bela Fleck & Joshua Bell, "Chopin's Mazurka in F-sharp minor" (track #7), Perpetual Motion, 2:19 Sony Classical

De Dannan, "The Rambles of Bach," A Jacket of Batteries, 2:56 Harmac

Leo Kottke, "Bouree," Mudlark, 2:00 Capitol/EMI

Pierre Bensusan, "Water Music," Musiques, 2:04 Lost Lake Arts/Windham Hill

Maire Ni Chathasaigh, "Robert Jordan," Celtic Harpestry, 1:56 Imaginary Road

Fourth Set

Bothy Band, "Sixteen Come Next Sunday," Live in Concert, 3:39 Windsong International

Ralph Vaughn Williams, "March (Seventeen Come Sunday)," Vaughn Williams: Serenade to Music etc., 2:54 EMI

The Chieftains, "The French March," The Year of the French, 4:50 Shanachie

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 5, 2005
Hour 2: Contemporary Classical/Folk

First Set

Edgar Meyer & Bela Fleck, "Sonata (Largo & Allegro Vivace)," Music for Two, 4:25 Sony Classical

Bela Fleck, "Mazurka in F-sharp minor" (Track #4), Perpetual Motion, 3:38 Sony Classical

Muzsikas, "Maramarosi Tanc" & "Maramarosi Tancok," The Bartok Album, 4:04 Hannibal

Second Set

Mark O'Connor & The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, "Johnny Appleseed Suite," Double Violin Concerto, 18:30 OMAC Records

Third Set

Edgar Meyer & Joshua Bell, "Short Trip Home," Short Trip Home, 3:48 Sony Classical

Mark O'Connor & Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, "Appalachian Waltz," Double Violin Concerto, 6:22 OMAC Records


Shira Kammen, "Downstream," Music of Waters, 6:36 Bright Angel Records