Labo(u)r Day 2005

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 3, 2005
Hour 1: Labour Day


Mary Jane Lamond, "Tha Mo Bhreacan-sa Fo'n Dile," Storas, 2:50 turtlemusik

First Set

Maddy Prior & June Tabor, "Doffin' Mistress," Silly Sisters, 2:09 Chrysalis

Tudur Huws Jones, "Dal i drio," Dal i drio, 4:18 Sain Records

Second Set

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, "Sons of the Land," Something to Show, 3:45 Wild Goose Records

Iain Matthews, "Old Man Working at the Mill," Best Of, 2:30 Elektra

Richard Thompson, "Blackleg Miner," 1000 Years of Popular Music, 3:21 Beeswing

Maddy Prior & the Girls, "Cropper Lads," Bib and Tuck, 2:51 Park

Midway Music

Tony McManus and Alain Genty, "Dr. Stan Chapman's Jig / The Islay Ranter's Reel / Whissahickon Drive," Singing Sands, 5:01 Compass

Third Set

Billy Bragg, "Between the Wars," Troubadours of British Folk, vol. 3, 2:29 Rhino Records

June Tabor, "He Fades Away," Against the Streams, 4:24 Green Linnet

Martin Carthy, "His Name Is Andrew," Landfall, 5:12 Topic

Fourth Set

Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson, "Drifting Through the Days," Industry, 3:24 Hannibal

Mary Coughlan, "John Fell off the Work-Around," After the Fall, 4:09 Big Cat Records

Folk Music & Beyond for September 3, 2005
Hour 2: Labor Day

First Set

Peggy Seeger, "Sing About These Hard Times," Love Call Me Home, 3:22 Appleseed Recordings

Gillian Welch, "One More Dollar," Revival, 4:34 Almo Sounds

John McCutcheon, "West Virginia Mining Disaster / Which Side Are You On?" Barefoot Boy with Boots On, 5:20 Rounder

Chris & Cassie Webster with Scott Nygaard, "You'll Never Leave Harlem Alive," Ten Thousand Miles, 5:23 Lots of Rabbits Records

Chris Stuart, "Springhill Mine," Angels of Mineral Springs, 4:19 Backcountry

Second Set

James Keelaghan, "Hillcrest Mine," Then Again, 3:40 Jericho Beach Music

John McCutcheon, "Two Foot Seam," Storied Ground, 2:49 Rounder

Lee Kelm, "Mass Confusion," Nightsounds, 5:49 Snowman Music

Darrell Scott, "6 O'Clock in the Morning," Theatre of the Unheard, 4:08 Full Light Records

Martin Carthy, "Monday Morning," Carthy Chronicles, 2:34 Free Reed Music

Sweet Honey in the Rock, "More Than a Paycheck," Selections, 3:53 Flying Fish

Third Set

Sally Rogers, "Gone to the Dogs," We'll Pass Them On, 2:00 Red House Records

Tracy Grammer, "Hey Ho," Flower of Avalon, 3:46 Signature Sounds


Martin Simpson, "I'll Fly Away (faded)," A Closer Walk with Thee, 2:34 Gourd Music