New Releases for Fall 2005, Les Barker Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 20, 2005
First Hour: New Releases in Celtic Music

First Set

Martin Simpson, "Love Henry," Kind Letters, 3:56 Topic

Danú, "Only Nineteen Years Old," When All Is Said and Done, 3:13 Shanachie

Richard Thompson, "Miss Patsy," Front Parlour Ballads, 3:57 Cooking Vinyl

Sharon Shannon, Frankie Gavin, & Michael McGoldrick, "The Rookery," Tunes, 3:14 Compass

Second Set

Eliza Carthy, "Cobbler's Hornpipe," Rough Music, 3:54 Topic

John Doyle, "Jack Dolan," Wayward Song, 4:11 Compass

Tony McManus, Alain Genty, & Soig Siberil, "Zagreb," The Clear Stream, 3:44 Greentrax

Midway Music

(Largely unused.)

Third Set

Amy Martin, "Deliverance," Deliverance, 3:44 Raven's Wing Records

Nickel Creek, "When in Rome," Why Must the Fire Die? 4:15 Sugar Hill

Al Stewart, "The Immelman Turn," A Beach Full of Shells, 4:39 Appleseed Recordings

Fourth Set

Cheryl Wheeler, "Summer's Almost Over," Defying Gravity, 3:05 Rounder

Richard Shindell, "Shades of Black, Shades of Blue," The Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection, 3:45 Signature Sounds

Tom Prasada-Rao, "Ashes of Love," Folks Live! 3:23 Blue Planet Music

Eliza Gilkyson, "When You Walk On," Paradise Hotel, 3:19 Red House Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 20, 2005
Hour 2: Les Barker Live

"Guide Cats for the Blind"

"Spot the Zebra"

"Voice Mail"

June Tabor, "Elephant," Angel Tiger, 3:18 Cooking Vinyl

Coope Boyes & Simpson, "Soldier," The Wings of Butterflies, 4:15 Mrs Ackroyd

"The Civilized World"

Steve Tilston, "War Horse Town," The Wings of Butterflies, 3:32 Mrs Ackroyd

Closing Set

Todd Snider, "Conservative Christian Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males," East Nashville Skyline, 3:11 Oh Boy Records

Beth Custer, "Empire of the United States," Respect as a Religion, 6:22 (self-produced)

Eliza Gilkyson, "Man of God," Paradise Hotel, 4:26 Red House Records

Bruce Springsteen, "Devils and Dust," Devils and Dust, 4:58 Columbia

Vassar Clements, et al., "Lonesome Midnight Waltz (faded)," The Bluegrass Album: Bluegrass Instrumentals, vol. 6, 3:52 Rounder