Tony McManus Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 28, 2005
Hour 1: Tony McManus

"Gavottes" (live)

"Le Matin de Bonny Doon / Phoenix" (live)

"Dr Stan Chapman's Jig / The Islay Ranter's Reel / Whissahickon Drive" (live)

"Desert Dance" (live)

"Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" (live)

"Shalom Aleichom" (live)

"Suite de Ridées," Ceol More, 3:21 Greentrax/Compass

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 28, 2005
Hour 2: Finger-Style Guitar

First Set

Tony Cuffe, "Angus G. McLeod / The Ewe Wi' the Crookit Horn," Sae Will We Yet, 4:44 Greentrax

Martin Simpson, "Rounding the Horn," The Bramble Briar, 3:44 Topic

Pierre Bensusan, "Suite Flammande aux Pommes," Solilai, 5:14 Rounder

Patty Larkin, "Banish Misfortune / Open Hand," A Go Go, 1:54 Vanguard

John Renbourn, "Caroline's Tune," The Hermit, 3:19 Shanachie

Second Set

Al Petteway, "Accokeek Shore," The Waters and the Wild, 2:21 Maggie's Music

Sally Van Meter, "Damien Miley / The Idlers of Belltown," All in Good Time, 5:04 Rounder

Leo Kottke, "Bill Cheatham," Dreams and All That Stuff, 1:45 Capitol

Jody Stecher, "The Sandy Boys / Liza Jane / Who's Been Here Since I Been Gone," Clawhammer Guitar, 3:47 Solid Air Records

Leo Kottke, "Mona Ray," Dreams and All That Stuff, 3:40 Capitol

Third Set

John Fahey, "Some Summer Day," Return of the Repressed, 3:26 Rhino Records

D'Gary, "Gofo Libre," Mbo Loza, 2:44 Indigo

Fourth Set

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, "Djembe," Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, 3:18 Sony Classical

Sharon Isbin, "Porro," Journey to the Amazon, 2:16 Teldec/Warner

The Four Martins, "Pasion," 4:49

(in part) International Guitar Night (Pierre Bensusan, Andrew York, Guinga, Brian Gore), "How Should I Know," International Guitar Night, 5:29 Favored Nations