Fresh Discoveries in Irish Music with Jack Gilder

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 9, 2005
Fresh Discoveries in Irish Music with Jack Gilder

Intro Tune:

Siobhan Peoples and Murty Ryan, "Aughamore / The Dairy Maid / The Skylark," Time on Our Hands (s/p)

Set one:

Mick O'Brien and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, "Kitty Lie Over / Munster Buttermilk," Kitty Lie Over (ACM Records)

Tim Collins, "First House in Connacht / Sweeney's Favourite / The Dairy Maid," Dancing on Silver (Croisín Music)

The Border Collies, "A Lover's Heart" (song), Unleashed (s/p)


Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, "Rolling in the Barrel / The Morning Dew," The Lonesome Touch (Green Linnet)

Set two:

The Border Collies, "Martin Wynne's No. 3 / The Abbey Reel / Corry Hills / The Cloone Reel," Unleashed (s/p)

The Kane Sisters, "Fahey's / The Acrobat," Under the Diamond (Dawros Music)

The Tap Room Trio, "In the Tap Room / O'Donnell's Sligo Maid / The Pullet," The Tap Room Trio (Phaeton Records)

Set three:

The Border Collies, "Wild Mountain Thyme (song), Unleashed (s/p)

Michael Hynes and Denis Liddy, "Ballycar Jigs," Waifs and Strays (Tig na Coilli)

Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn, "McNamara's / The Carricknagavna Barndance," Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn (s/p)

The Border Collies, "Ireland, My One True Love" (song), Unleashed (s/p)

Set four:

Pat McManus, "The Wrecking Reel / Handsome Sally / Sally Kelly's," Hidden Fermanagh Vol. 2 (s/p)

Hugh Healy and Colm Healy, "Thomond Bridge / Richie Dwyer's / Sean sa Cheo," Macalla na hÓige

Helen Roche, "When a Man's in Love" (song), Shake the Blossom Early (s/p)

Set five:

Marco Pollier, "That's Right Too / The Hut in the Bog / Josephine Keegan's," Ebony & Brass (s/p)

Mick Kinsella, "Rosaleen's Children / The Spanncomp Jig," Harmonica (s/p)

Closing tune:

The Border Collies, "Spórt / The King of the Pipers," Unleashed (s/p)