Music and Conversation with John Renbourn

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 5, 2005
Music and Conversation with John Renbourn

1.) Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, "Piano Tune," Bert and John, 1:37 Transatlantic/Wooded Hill Recordings

2.) Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, "Good-Bye Pork Pie Hat," Bert and John, 3:49 Transatlantic/Wooded Hill Recordings

3.) The Pentangle, "Mirage," The Pentangle, 1:58 Castle/Sanctuary Records

4.) The Pentangle, "Bells," The Pentangle, 3:57 Castle/Sanctuary Records

5.) Pentangle, "Rain and Snow," Reflection, 3:50 Transatlantic

6.) Jimpson & Axe Gang, "No More, My Lord," Prison Songs, vol. 1: Murderous Home, Rounder

7.) The Pentangle, "No More, My Lord," Sweet Child, 4:37 Transatlantic

8.) The Pentangle, "Sally Free and Easy," Solomon's Seal, 3:58 Castle/Sanctuary Records

9.) Pentangle, "Wedding Dress," Reflection, 2:51 Transatlantic

10.) Pentangle, "Light Flight," Basket of Light, 3:13 Castle/Sanctuary Records

11.) Pentangle, "I Saw an Angel," Basket of Light, 2:51 Castle/Sanctuary Records

12.) The John Renbourn Group, "A Maid in Bedlam," A Maid in Bedlam, 3:54 Shanachie

13.) John Renbourn Group, "Sidi Brahim," The Enchanted Garden, 8:30 Shanchie

14.) John Renbourn, "Morgana," Sir John Alot, 7:22 Shanachie

15.) John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman, "Bermuda Triangle Exit," Snap a Little Owl, 2:12 Shanachie

16.) John Renbourn, "Trotto/Saltarello," The Lady and the Unicorn, 2:33 Transatlantic

17.) Leo Kottke, "Machine #2," Mudlark, 3:00 Capitol/EMI

18.) Michael Hedges, "Hot Type," Aerial Boundaries, 1:31 Windham Hill

19.) John Renbourn & Robin Williamson, "Lindsay," Wheel of Fortune, 5:44 Flying Fish

20.) John Renbourn, "At the Break of Day," Traveller's Prayer, 3:47 Shanachie

21.) John Renbourn, Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill, and The Voice Squad, "Wexford Lullaby," Traveller's Prayer, 4:35 Shanachie

22.) John Renbourn, Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill, and The Voice Squad, "Traveller's Prayer," Traveller's Prayer, 2:43 Shanachie

23.) John Renbourn, "Sweet Potato," Sir John Alot, 3:17 Shanachie