Robbie O’Connell Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 20, 2004
Hour 1: Robbie O'Connell Live

1.) Robbie O'Connell, "American Lives," Never Learned to Dance, 3:42 Green Linnet

2.) "Lord Franklin" (live)

3.) "Out on the Ocean" (live)

4.) Clancy, O'Connell, & Clancy, "Whiskey You're the Divil," Clancy, O'Connell, & Clancy, 2:42 Helvic Music

5.) "There Is Hope" (live)

6.) "Islander's Lament" (live)

7.) "Hard to Say Goodbye" (live)

8.) Clancy, O'Connell, & Clancy, "Jack Dolan," Clancy, O'Connell, & Clancy, 3:29 Helvic Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 20, 2004
Hour 2: Songs of the Sea

First Set

Steeleye Span, "Lovely on the Water," Please to See the King, 5:18 Shanachie

Martin Simpson, "Rounding the Horn," The Bramble Briar, 3:44 Topic

Martin Carthy, "Sir Patrick Spens," Signs of Life, 5:38 Topic

Second Set

Noble Brown, "Reuben Ranzo," American Sea Songs and Shanties, 4:33 Rounder Select

Kate Rusby, "The Wild Goose," Sleepless, 4:22 Compass

Third Set

Martin Carthy, "Polly on the Shore," Prince Heathen, 3:50 Polygram/Topic

Brian McNeill, "The Rock and the Tide"

Fourth Set

Stan Rogers, "The Nancy," From Fresh Water, 3:59 Fogarty's Cove Music

Gordon Lightfoot, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," Complete Greatest Hits, 6:26 Warner Bros./Rhino

Jennifer Cutting, "Dissolving/King Neptune," Ocean/Song for the Night Sea Journey, 4:48 Sun Signs Records

Fifth Set

Stan Rogers, "The Last Watch," From Fresh Water, 5:05 Fogarty's Cove Music

Emmylou Harris, Mary Black, & Dolores Keane, "The Grey Funnel Line," Bringing It All Back Home, vol. 2, 3:46 Valley Entertainment


The Voice Squad, "The Parting Glass," Bringing It All Back Home, vol. 1, 3:15 Valley Entertainment