PickPocket Ensemble Live, Mokai Live

The program for November 7, 2004, featured live music in our Local Folk Showcase series: café music without borders from the pickPocket Ensemble, and earthy folk/blues by Mokai.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
The pickPocket Ensemble Prague (live)
  Gift of Water (live)
  Reneé at Ocean Beach Fingerpainting in Red Wine (forthcoming)
  Windowpane (live)
  Disarray of Roses (live)
  Grace of a Drunkard Fingerpainting in Red Wine (forthcoming)
  Memory (live)
Music Under Announcements
The Bill Hilly Band Begin the Beguine, Andre de Sapato Novo All Day Every Day (Borealis)
The Fishtank Ensemble Bordeas (demo)
Panacea Graovsko Panacea (Flaming Buddha Music)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Joy Harjo The Woman Hanging from the 13th Floor Native Joy for Real (Mekko Productions)
Joanne Rand and the Little Big Band Cup of Joy The Monkey Puzzle (s/p)
Mokai Out to the Woods Unearthed (Earthworm)
  What You Ain't (live)
  Criminal Behavior (live)
  Last Wild Creatures Unearthed (Earthworm)
  Trouble (live)
  World Without War (live)
  Throbbin' (live)
  Treadmill (faded) Unearthed (Earthworm)