Fall Colors and Moods

The program for October 16, 2004, featured some songs evocative of fall.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Maggie Boyle October Song Reaching Out (Run River)
Christine Collister How Will I Ever Be Simple Again? The World Is a Wonderful Place: The Songs of Richard Thompson (Green Linnet)
Beggar's Velvet Lady of Autumn Lady of Autumn (Old and New Tradition)
Allan Taylor House by the River Colour to the Moon (Stockfisch)
New Set
Laura Risk Tha M'aigne fo Ghruaim (The Gloom in My Soul) 2000 Miles / Deux Mille (s/p)
Emma Christian Three Eeasteyryn Boghtey (Three Poor Fisherman), Gheay Jeh'n Aer (The Sea Invocation) Ta'n Dooid Cheet (Beneath the Twilight) (Manx/Celtic Productions)
Broceliande The Band of Shearers Barley Rigs (Flowinglass Music)
Music Under Announcements
John Renbourn Variations on My Lady Carey's Dompe The Nine Maidens (Flying Fish)
Planxty Lord Baker Words & Music (Shanachie)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Andrew Cronshaw Sofia, the Saracen's Daughter Ochre (Cloud Valley Music)
Ale Möller Band Xanalego Bodjal (Amigo Musik)
Cui Junzhi Perception Konghou Suite (Poem Culture Corp.)
New Set
Raymond Gonzalez & Amy Malkoff Locked Away When October Goes (Philo)
Andrew Calhoun Meditation Song Shadow of a Wing (Waterbug)
Patchouli Shadows Once in the Ring (Earthsign)
Ariane Lydon Autumn Dance Still She Moves (Overt)
Patty Larkin Island of Time When October Goes (Philo)
New Set
Gabriel Yacoub Les Choses les Plus Simples The Simple Things We Said (Les Choses les Plus Simples) (Prime CD)
Richard Thompson I Still Dream Amnesia (Capitol)
New Set
Susheela Raman Song to the Siren Salt Rain (Narada)
Stephen Fearing Long Suffering Waltz Industrial Lullaby (Red House)