Music and Conversation with Martin Carthy

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 9, 2004
Music and Conversation with Martin Carthy

1.) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, "Seven Yellow Gypsies," Prince Heathen, 5:10 Polygram/Topic

2.) Martin Carthy, "Lord Randall," Shearwater, 4:32 Topic

3.) Martin Carthy, "Bonnie Hind," Signs of Life, 5:36 Topic

4.) Chris Wood, Roger Wilson, & Martin Carthy, "Scarborough Fair," Wood, Wilson, Carthy, 4:12 R.U.F. Records

5.) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, "Byker Hill," Byker Hill, 2:54 Polygram/Topic

6.) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, "The Leitram Fancy / Drowsy Maggie / Staten Island / The Corbie and the Craw," Both Ears and the Tail, 4:00 Gadfly

7.) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, "Reynardine," Prince Heathen, 3:08 Polygram/Topic

8.) Martin Carthy, "Famous Flower of Serving Man," Shearwater, 9:20 Topic

9.) Steeleye Span, "Cold, Haily, Rainy Night," Please to See the King, 4:32 Shanachie

10.) Brass Monkey, "Waterman's Hornpipe," The Complete Brass Monkey, 3:24 Topic

11.) Brass Monkey, "The Swinton May Song," Flame of Fire, 3:04 Topic

12.) The Watersons, "Hollbeck Moor Cock Fight," Mighty River of Song (box set), 1:35 Topic

13.) The Watersons, "The King," Mighty River of Song (box set), 1:23 Topic

14.) Norma Waterson, Martin Carthy, & Eliza Carthy, "Orange in Bloom," Waterson:Carthy, 3:12 Topic

15.) Ashley Hutchings, Martin Carthy, etc., "The Postman's Knock," Son of Morris On, 1:55 Topic

16.) Martin Carthy, "Heartbreak Hotel," Signs of Life, 2:47 Topic

17.) Martin Carthy, & Dave Swarbrick, "Prince Heathen" excerpt, Prince Heathen, Polygram/Topic

18.) Martin Carthy, "Prince Heathen," Signs of Life, 7:55 Topic

19.) Eliza Carthy, "Worcester City," Anglicana, 4:45 Topic

20.) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, "Carthy's March / The Lemon Tree," Life and Limb, 4:42 Green Linnet/Topic