Aryeh Frankfurter Live

The program for July 24, 2004, featured Celtic harper and multi-instrumentalist Aryeh Frankfurter live, accompanied by guitarist Kevin Evans.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Aryeh Frankfurter Bagpipe Tune from North Råda (live)
  The Sandpit (live)
  Polska after Ola Lans Aurora of the Northern Harp (Lionharp Music)
  The Water Lily (live)
  Polska after Pål Karl Persson (live)
  Halling from Bjerkreim Aurora of the Northern Harp (Lionharp Music)
  Bulgarian Set (live)
  The Death of Madam Flod Harp Songs of the Midnight Sun (Lionharp Music)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
The Poozies Gertrude Changed Days, Same Roots (Greentrax)
Maggie Sansone Humours of Rockstown / Paddy Lynn's Delight / Ríl Roscomaín A Traveler's Dream (Maggie's Music)
Jay Ansill The Blarney Pilgrim Music for Strings (Debussy Fields Music)
Music Under Announcements
Joseph Sobol Malin Head / Titletown, Rodican's Galway Reel / Ah Surely Citternalia (Kiltartan Road Music)
Seamus Heaney & Liam O'Flynn The Given Note / Port na bPúcaí The Poet & the Piper (Claddagh)
The Bowhouse Quintet Down the Hill Live in Ennis (KRL)
Rosina de Pèira La Luna Sortis de l'Escur Sul Viu: Gospel d'Oc (s/p)
New Set
Lila Downs La Sandunga La Sandunga (Narada)
Richard Shindell Canción Sencillo Vuelta (Koch)
Susheela Raman Nagumomo Salt Rain (Narada)
Steve Tilston There's a Song, Totterdown (faded) Such & Such (Market Square)