Faith Petric Live, A.J. Roach Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 19, 2004
First Hour: Faith Petric Live

1.) "Here's to Mother Nature"

2.) Recorded set by Festival artists:

     Brassworks, "Eljen a Magyar," The Congress of Vienna, 2:59 s/p
     Steven Kacsmar, "Visions of You," Dreams and Destiny, 3:56 Sun/Lotus Music
     The Shots, "Ball of Malt," King Ludd, 1:48 s/p

3.) "Kuglesberg Bank"

4.) Faith Petric, "Grandma's Battle Cry," Faith's Favorites, 5:15 (self- produced)

5.) "Roseville Fair"

6.) "Highway Hunter"

7.) Faith Petric, "Their Brains Were Small and They Died," When Did We Have Sauerkraut? 2:45 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 19, 2004
Hour 2: S.F. Free Folk Festival and A.J. Roach Live

First Set

Broceliande, "La Rosa Enflorece/Saltarello," Gathering May, 4:26 Flowinglass Music

Sylvia Herold, "Katy Cruel," A Bowl of Crystal Tears, 4:20 Tuxedo Records

Second Set

Oak, Ash, & Thorn, "John Barleycorn," Old Enough to Drink, 2:31 Tosspot Records

Black Brothers, "The Recruiting Sergeant," What a Time, 2:42 Dara / Gifthorse Records

Third Set

Sylvia Herold, "Seven Daffodils," A Mockingbird Sings in California, 3:43 Tuxedo Records

Jeannie & Chuck Poling, "Cherokee Shuffle," Jeannie & Chuck's Country Round-Up (faded), 2:17 (self-produced)

A.J. Roach Live

1.) " Richmond Town / Smaller Scale"

2.) "Central Time"

3.) "Mighty Jehovah"

4.) "Grandaddy"