Next Generation 2004

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 29, 2004
Next Generation: Celtic Music

Opening Song

Eliza Carthy, "Stingo/The Stacking Reel," Red Rice, 6:13 Topic

First Set

Alyth McCormack, "A Mhairead Og," The Edge, 4:01 Compass

Eliza Carthy, "Adieu, Adieu," Red Rice, 4:34 Topic

Hanneke Cassel, "Pauline Conneely's/Arthur Muise/Dog Bites Chapman/The Boston Urban Ceilidh," Some Melodious Sonnet, 4:51 (self-produced)

Midway Music

Téada, "Highland Chluian Ard / Clarke's / The Foxhunter's Jig / The Old Maid," Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Gone, 4:57 Green Linnet

Second Set

Catriona MacDonald, "Shetland Reels," Bold, 3:53 Compass

North Cregg, "There Was a Maid in Her Father's Garden," Summer at My Feet, 4:18 Greentrax

Popcorn Behavior, "The Brandywine River / Tom Bombadil's / The Siege of Isengard," Journeywork, 4:38 (self-produced)

Third Set

Finlay MacDonald, "The Plagiarist," Finlay MacDonald, 1:46 Foot Stompin' Records

Martyn Bennett, "Chanter," Grit, 4:10 RealWorld

Ashley MacIsaac, "Sleepy Maggie," Hi How Are You Today? 5:35 A&M

Terri Hendrix, "Joy or Sorrow," Places in Between, 3:22 Wilory Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 29, 2004
Next Generation: American Roots

First Set

Kris Delmhorst, "Cluck Old Hen," Five Stories, 3:17 Catalyst

Ollabelle, "Soul of a Man," Ollabelle, 3:59 Columbia

Darol Anger & The American Fiddle Ensemble, "Evening Prayer," Republic of Strings, 2:01 Compass

Second Set

The Mammals, "Father William," Rock That Babe, 3:15 Signature Sounds

Lori McKenna, "God Will Thank You," Pieces of Me, 3:32 Catalyst Disc / Signature Sounds

Slaid Cleaves, "Wishbones," Wishbones, 3:25 Rounder

Third Set

Stacey Earle, "Show Me How," Simple Gearle, 3:21 (self-produced)

Dan Bern, "I Need You," Fleeting Days, 4:14 Messenger Records

Peter Mulvey, "Road to Mallow," Kitchen Radio, 3:08 Signature Sounds

Fourth Set

Noe Venable, "Tower," The World Is Bound by Secret Knots, 3:54 Petridish Records

The Waifs, "Flesh and Blood," Up All Night, 4:00 Compass

Ani di Franco, "Bodily," Educated Guess, 3:53 Righteous Babe Records


Rufus Wainwright, "Oh What a World," Want One, 4:23 Dreamworks