Music for Families and Children

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 15, 2004
Hour 1: Music for Families and Children, part 1

First Set

Neil Young, "I Am a Child," Live Rust, 3:00 Reprise

Martyn Joseph, "Cardiff Bay," Don't Talk about Love, vol. 1, 5:29 Pipe Records

Alex de Grassi, "Children's Dance," Turning: Turning Back, 2:38 Windham Hill

Second Set

John McCutcheon, "Mail Myself to You," Mail Myself to You, 3:35 Rounder

Malcolm Dalglish, "Little Potato," Welcoming Children into the World, 3:36 Rykodisc

Tim O'Brien, "Man Gave Names to All the Animals," Sing Along with Putumayo, 4:26 Putumayo

David Grisman & Jerry Garcia, "Three Men Went A'Hunting," Not for Kids Only, 3:15 Acoustic Disc

John McCutcheon, "Sly Little Crow," Mail Myself to You, 3:37 Rounder

Midway Music

Nina Gerber, "Brahm's Lullaby," Sweet Dreams, 4:20 (self-produced)

Third Set

Greg Brown, "Monsters and Giants," Bathtub Blues, 2:19 Redhouse Records

Susan McKeown, "Crocodile Tango," Peter and Wendy, 2:19 Alula

Karan Casey, "The Wriggly Eels," The Seal Maiden, 1:05 Music for Little People

Kathy Kallick, "CHICKEN," Use Your Napkin (Not Your Mom), 3:10 Sugar Hill

Fourth Set

Bruce Springsteen, "Riding in My Car," 'Til We Outnumber 'Em, 1:57 Righteous Babe Records

Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Little Red Caboose," A Child's Celebration of Song, 2:45 Music for Little People

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 15, 2004
Hour 2: Music for Families and Children, part 2

First Set

Malvina Reynolds, "Magic Penny," Ear to the Ground, 1:57 Smithsonian/Folkways

Linda Waterfall, "Coconut Milk," A Little Bit at a Time, 3:04 Flying Fish

Arlo Guthrie, "Bling-Blang," Sing Along with Putumayo, 3:37 Putumayo

Dan Zanes, "Pay Me My Money Down," Night Time! 2:09 festival five records

John McCutcheon, "Cut the Cake," Water from Another Time, 4:12 Rounder

Donovan, "The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow," Hurdy Gurdy Man, 2:45 Epic

Second Set

Meryl Streep & George Winston, "The Rabbit Dance," The Velveteen Rabbit, 4:23 Windham Hill

Priscilla Herdman, "A Velveteen Love Song," Moondreamer, 3:18 Redwing

Cathie Ryan, "Peata Beag Do Mhathar," Mother, 3:15 Northstar Records

Third Set

Padraigin Ni Uallachain, "Magical Band," Children's Songs From Ireland, 3:15 Shanachie

Sharon Burch, "First Cry," Touch the Sweet Earth, 3:00 Canyon

Kelsang Chukie Tethong, "Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Hum," Voice from Tara, 4:22 Narada

Fourth Set

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, "Hush," Pillow Full of Wishes, 1:46 Rounder

Freyda Epstein, "Dreams of Harmony," Globalullabyes, 3:12 Music for Little People

James Taylor, "Close Your Eyes," Mud Slide Slim, 2:31 Warner Bros.

Taj Mahal, "Lullabye in A-Major Tonight," Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby, 5:34 Windham Hill