Mariana Sadovska, Earth Day 2004

The program for April 24, 2004, featured a live appearance by Ukrainian actress and singer Mariana Sadovska, followed by some songs for Earth Day, which came earlier this week.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Mariana Sadovska Cycle of Wedding Songs Songs I Learned in Ukraine (Global Village)
  Wedding Song from Western Ukraine (live)
  Spring Calling Songs (live)
  Hoson Zes (live)
Mariana Sadovska The Widow, Trinity Songs Songs I Learned in Ukraine (Global Village)
Singers from Poltava or Polissia, Ukraine (unknown) Song Tree (Yara Arts)
Gardzienice Hoson Zes Metamorfozy: Music of Ancient Greece (Altmaster)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Dougie MacLean Gloomy Winter Whitewash (Dunkeld)
Elisa M. Welch Sand Dollars The Wheel (Mighty Spud Music)
Copper Wimmin Mountain Lion American Tyranny (Reclaim)
Alisa Fineman Strange Place Better with Time (Hummingbird Music)
New Set
Alice DiMicele The Prettiest Jewel It's a Miracle (Alice Otter Music)
Alex de Grassi Prelude The Water Garden (Tropo)
Andrew Calhoun River Song Where Blue Meets Blue (Waterbug)
Music Under Announcements
Alex de Grassi The Water Garden, Lost in the Woods The Water Garden (Tropo)
Cindy Mangsen Songlines Songlines (Compass Rose Music)
Magpie The Land Knows You're There Living Planet (Collector)
New Set
Elisa M. Welch The Trees Know The Wheel (Mighty Spud Music)
Mokai Out to the Woods (promo) (Earthworm)
Mary Youngblood Search for Warmth Feed the Fire (Silver Wave)