Rachel Bissex Live, Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 13, 2004
Hour 1: Rachel Bissex Live

Opening song

Joni Mitchell & The Chieftains, "The Magdelene Laundries," Tears of Stone, 4:59 BMG/RCA

Rachel Bissex, "Both Sides Now" (live)

Rachel Bissex, "Welcome to the Game" (live)

Rachel Bissex, "Royal Blues," I Used to Be Nice, 5:30 Alcazar

Rachel Bissex, "Dancing with My Mother" (live)

Rachel Bissex, "The Last Time I Saw Richard," Don't Look Down, 2:10 Alcazar

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 13, 2004
Hour 2: Happy 60th, Joni Mitchell

First Set

Mary Black, "Urge for Going," Babes in the Woods, 5:22 Dara/Blix Street Records

Joni Mitchell, "Night Ride Home," Night Ride Home, 3:21 Geffen Records

Joni Mitchell, "Cactus Tree," Joni Mitchell, 4:53 Reprise

Second Set

Fairport Convention, "Eastern Rain," What We Did on Our Holidays, 3:36 Island

Barbara Higbie, "Rainy Night House," Variations on a Happy Ending, 4:11 Slowbaby Records

Joni Mitchell, "Judgment of the Moon and Stars," For the Roses, 5:25 Asylum

Third Set

Joni Mitchell, "Court and Spark," Court and Spark, 2:46 Asylum

Joni Mitchell, "Blonde in the Bleachers," For the Roses, 2:40 Asylum

Joni Mitchell, "Refuge of the Roads," Hejira, 6:37 Asylum

Fourth Set

Joni Mitchell, "Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire," For the Roses, 4:17 Asylum

Joni Mitchell, "A Strange Boy," Hejira, 4:15 Asylum

Joni Mitchell, "Sex Kills," Turbulent Indigo, 3:56 Reprise

Closing Set

Joni Mitchell, "The Dawntreader," Travelogue, 5:38 Nonesuch

Joni Mitchell, "Shadows and Light," Hissing of Summer Lawns, 4:14 Asylum