Distant Oaks Live, Michael Masley Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 28, 2004
First Hour: Distant Oaks Live

1.) Distant Oaks, "Beannachadh Bliadhna Uir / Tune for Hamish," Music for Carmina Gadelica, 3:26 Northern Wind Recordings

2.) Live music: "Barely Kissed the Quaker / Queen of the Rushes"

3.) Live music: "Red-Roan Steed / Latha a'Dhosaidh"

4.) Live music: "Shane's Tune / Nollaig Casey's Tune"

5.) Live music: "Famous Bridge"

6.) Distant Oaks, "Righ nan Reul/Heire Bannag, Hoire Bannag," Music of Carmina Gadelica, 3:35 Northern Wind Recordings

Claudia Schmidt

1.) Claudia Schmidt & the Aurora String Quintet, "Persephone" (live recording)

2.) Claudia Schmidt, "A Taste of Life," Roads, 2:17 (self-produced)

3.) Claudia Schmidt, "The Vowels," Roads, 5:01 (self-produced)

4.) Claudia Schmidt, "Garden Party," Roads, 4:31 (self-produced)

5.) Claudia Schmidt, "The Moon Winked at Hale-Bopp," Wings of Wonder, 4:22 Red House Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 28, 2004
Hour 2: Michael Masley Live

1.) Michael Masley, "Six White Horses," All Songs Considered, 2:42 NPR Classics

2.) Live music: "Table of the Sun Improv"

3.) Live music: "Nukin' the Wall Street Journal"

4.) Michael Masley, "Hal in a Handbasket," Cymbalennium, 3:41 (self-produced)

5.) Live music: "Fingerprov"

6.) Michael Masley, "Storm's Eye Airbrush," Mystery Repeats Itself, 3:28 (self-produced)