John McCutcheon Live, Panacea Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 1, 2004
Hour 1: John McCutcheon Live

1.) John McCutcheon, "Caught in the Crossfire," Water from Another Time, 4:01 Rounder

2.) Live ("Hail to the Chief")

3.) Live ("At the Moment")

4.) Live ("Children of Abraham")

5.) Live ("When I Grow Up")

6.) Live ("Let's Pretend")

Music Fill: First Set

John McCutcheon, "Mrs. Clara Sullivan's Letter," Seeds: Songs of Pete Seeger, 4:48 Appleseed

Midway Music

John McCutcheon, "Loggerman's Breakdown/Dulcimer Reel," Water from Another Time, 3:27 Rounder

Second Set

John McCutcheon, "Jericho," Supper's on the Table, 4:40 Rounder

John McCutcheon, "Hangman's Reel," Sprout Wings and Fly, 2:32 Rounder

Shira Kammen & John Fleagle, "June Appal," The Almanac, 2:03 Bright Angel

Third Set

Panacea, "Gruncharsko," Panacea, 4:04

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 10, 2004
Hour 2: Members of Panacea Live: Shira Kammen, Nada Lewis, Robin Petrie

1.) Live ("Sandansko Horo")

2.) Live ("Sedi Donka")

3.) Live ("Doldolar / Tamzara")

4.) Panacea, "E Hatal," Panacea, s/p

5.) Live ("Polska / Doina / Dospatsko")

6.) Panacea, "Graovsko," Panacea, s/p