Octave Mandolins, Irish Bouzoukis, and Such

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 13, 2003
Hour 1: Irish Bouzouki

Interview with Danny Carnahan:

1.) Roger Landes, "A Barrel of Knives," Dragon Reels, 3:34 Dorian Recordings

2.) Roger Landes, "Sarsfield's March," Dragon Reels, 2:37 Dorian Recordings

3.) Planxty, "The Rambling Siuler," After the Break, 4:19 Tara Records

4.) Donal Lunny, "The Mouseskin Shoe and Dancing in Allihies," Coolfin, 3:52 Metro Blue

5.) Sweeney's Men, "Sullivan's John," Time Was Never Here 1968–69, 3:13 Transatlantic Records

6.) Paul Brady, "The Creel," Welcome Home, Kind Stranger, 5:22 Mulligan Music

7.) Dervish, "Peigin Mo Chroi," Decade, 3:39 Compass

8.) Danny Carnahan, "The Boys of Ballinafad," live

First Set

Kyle Thayer, "Lord Haddo's Favorite," Rainshadow, 2:03 (self-produced)

The Woods Band, "Noisey Johnny," The Woods Band, 2:36 Rockburgh Records

Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie, "The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington/The Mad Otter's Holt," Journeys of the Heart, 5:03 Celtoid Records

Second Set

Joseph Sobol, "Jigs: Have a Drink with Me/The Lark on the Strand," Citternalia, 2:54 Kiltartan Road Music

Planxty, "The Pursuit of Farmer Michael Hayes," After the Break, 6:10 Tara Records

Gerald Trimble, "Trimble's Compliments to the City of Philadelphia," Crosscurrents, 3:27 Green Linnet

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 13, 2003
Hour 2: Octave Mandolins, Bouzoukis, Citterns, etc.

First Set

Robin Bullock, "The Black Diamond/The Pointed Star," Between Earth and Sky, 2:57 Maggie's Music

Stanley Greenthal, "Dubrudja Daentz," Brittany to the Balkans, 2:53 (self-produced)

Second Set

Sweeney's Men, "Dreams For Me," Time Was Never Here 1968–69, 4:30 Transatlantic Records

David Lindley & Wally Ingram, "Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn," Twango Bango III, 5:03 (self-produced)

Ross Daly, "Isios Horos," Selected Works, 7:38 Oriente Music

Stanley Greenthal, "Raindance," Turning Towards You, 2:16 (self-produced)

Third Set

Muzsikas, "Fly Bird Fly," The Prisoner's Song, 3:37 Hannibal

Kaleidoscope, "Taxim," Rampe Rampe, 11:20 Edsel Records


Stanley Greenthal, "Karsilimas from Thrace" (faded), Brittany to the Balkans, 4:53 (self-produced)

See the article on the bouzouki by Paul Kotapish.