Labor Day 2003

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 30, 2003
Hour 1: Labor Day/England and Ireland

First Song

Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick, "The Red Clydesiders," Red Clydeside, 4:35 Red Rattler

First Set

Norma Waterson, "Once I Lived in Service," The Transports, 4:50 Topic Records

Karan Casey, "Four Loom Weaver," Distant Shore, 3:51 Shanachie

Tom McConville, "Johnny Miner," Cross the River, 2:38 Old Bridge Music

John Doyle, "Crooked Jack," Evening Comes Early, 4:51 Shanachie

Steeleye Span, "Blackleg Miner," Hark! The Village Wait, 2:44 Shanachie

Second Set

Stairheid Gossip, "Cotton Mill Girls," Stirrin' It Up, 2:30 Greentrax

Whippersnapper, "Hard Times of Old England," Promises, 3:34 Rounder

Bob Fox & Benny Graham, "I Wish Pay Friday Would Come," How Are You Off for Coals? 3:00 Fellside Recordings

Richard & Linda Thompson, "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight," I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, 3:06 Hannibal/Carthage

Midway Music

Skyedance, "The Iron Ring / The Boxwood Reel," Labyrinth, 5:22 Culburnie

Third Set

Martin Carthy, "Work Life Out to Keep Life In," Hard Cash, 2:43 Green Linnet

David Francey, "Mill Towns," Far End of Summer, 3:43 Laker Music

Anne Hills, Michael Smith, Steve Gillette, & Cindy Mangsen, "Ballad of Springfield," Fourtold, 5:23 Appleseed Recordings

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 30, 2003
Hour 2: Labor Day/Mostly American Folk

First Set

Neil Young & Willie Nelson, "Are There Any More Real Cowboys?" Half Nelson, 3:00 Columbia

David Lindley & Hani Naser, "Poor Old Dirt Farmer," Playing Even Better, 4:05 Pleemhead

Frank Gayer Martin, "Water," In the Slanting Light, 3:08 (self-produced)

Gillian Welch, "Tear My Stillhouse Down," Revival, 4:31 Almo Sounds

Second Set

Guy Davis, "Railroad Story," Chocolate to the Bone, 4:10 Redhouse Records

Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen, "Milwaukee, St. Paul," Satisfied Customers, 1:51 Flying Fish

John McCutcheon, "Ghost of the Good Old Days," The Greatest Story Never Told, 3:05 Redhouse Records

Darrell Scott, "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive," Aloha from Nashville, 5:00 Sugar Hill

Tim O'Brien, "Another Day," Traveler, 4:18 Sugar Hill

Third Set

Ani di Franco, "Trickle Down," Up Up Up Up Up, 3:50 Righteous Babe

Roy Bailey & Martin Carthy, "See It Come Down," If I Knew Who the Enemy Was, 2:29 Fuse Records

Richard Thompson, "Time to Ring Some Changes," Hard Cash, 3:44 Green Linnet

Closing Set

Billy Bragg, "There Is Power in a Union," 3:26

Ani di Franco & Utah Phillips, "The Internationale" (faded), Fellow Workers, 2:46 Righteous Babe