New Releases for Summer 2003

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for 7/5/03
Hour 1: New Releases in Celtic Music

Opening Song

Battlefield Band, "Miss Margaret Brown's Favorite/Deserts of Tulloch," The Best of Battlefield Band, 2:28 Temple Records

First set

Boys of the Lough, "Farewell Lovely Nancy," Lonesome Blues and Dancing Shoes, 4:12 Lough Records

Karan Casey, "The Curra Road," Distant Shore, 3:49 Shanachie

Give Way, "Full Steam Ahead," Full Steam Ahead, 3:53 Greentrax

Second set

Tempest, "Old Man at the Mill," Shapeshifter, 3:39 Magna Carta

Beolach, "Rector," Beolach, 6:20 (self-produced)

Third set

Lunasa, "Fest Noz," Redwood, 3:53 Green Linnet

Shooglenifty, "A Fistful of Euros," The Arms Dealer's Daughter, 6:22 Compass

Midway music

Natalie MacMaster, "Welcome to the Trossachs," Natalie MacMaster Live, 7:08 Rounder

Fourth set

Patrick Street, "Down in Matewan/Lost Indian," Street Life, 4:27 Green Linnet

Karan Casey, "Another Day," Distant Shore, 4:05 Shanachie

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for 7/6/03
Hour 2: New Releases in American Folk

First set

Tish Hinojosa, "She's a Highway," The Best of Tish Hinojosa Live, 3:08 Rounder

Michael Smith, Anne Hills, Steve Gillette, & Cindy Mangsen, "Four Came By," Fourtold, 3:33 Appleseed

Tom Russell, "Racehorse Haynes," Modern Art, 3:04 Hightone Records

Second set

Gillian Welch, "Look at Miss Ohio," Soul Journey, 4:13 Acony

Alison Krauss, "Down to the River and Pray," A Woman's Heart/A Decade On, 2:55 Dara/Blix Street

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, "Oh Death," Gambling Eden, 4:56 Signature Sounds

Third set

Ruthie Foster, "Death Came A-Knockin'," Runaway Soul, 3:17 Blue Corn Music

Rory Gallagher, "As the Crow Flies," Wheels Within Wheels, 4:09 Buddha/BMG

Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Rooster," Growl, 2:54 Rounder

Kelly Joe Phelps, "Jericho," Slingshot Professionals, 6:32 Rykodisc

Fourth set

David Lindley & Hani Naser, "Tijuana," Playing Even Better, 8:00 Pleemhead

Bill Frisell, "Yala," The Intercontinentals, 5:47 Nonesuch