Priscilla Herdman Live, Freyda Epstein Tribute

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 7, 2003
Hour 1: Priscilla Herdman Live

"Gentle Arms of Eden" live

"No Telling" live

Herdman, Hills, & Mangsen, "Solstice Round," At the Turning of the Year, 2:12 Heart & Hand

"Wild Wind" live

"Prayer 2000" live

Priscilla Herdman, "Kisingami," The Road Home, 3:15 Red Wing

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 7, 2003
Hour 2: Freyda Epstein Tribute

1.) Trapezoid, "Now and Then," Now and Then, 4:02 Flying Fish

2.) Trapezoid, "Nightsong," Cool of the Day, 3:00 Sugar Hill

3.) Trapezoid, "There Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens," Now and Then, 2:54 Flying Fish

4.) Trapezoid, "Country Home," Cool of the Day, 3:14 Sugar Hill

5.) Trapezoid, "I Walk in Beauty" (live)

6.) World Harmony Chorus, "Babethandaza" (live)

7.) Freyda and the Acoustic Attatude, "The Potter's Wheel," Midnight at Cabell Hall, 5:03 Red House Records

8.) Freyda Epstein, "Sakura/Owayare," Globalullabies, 5:53 Music for Little People

9.) Freyda Epstein, Paul Reisler, & Ron Sowell, "The Weaver and the Web," 4:29 Zoidsongs

10.) Trapezoid, "War of the Flea," Cool of the Day, 3:18 Sugar Hill