Balkan Styles in Celtic and American Music

The program for May 31, 2003, was a feast of Balkan styles in Celtic and American musics.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Flook The Gentle Giant Flatfish (Flatfish)
Malinky Dimna Juda Last Leaves (Greentrax)
Stanley Greenthal Arboretum Kopanica All Roads (Madrona Ring)
Kornog Thessaloniki Taxi Korong (Green Linnet)
Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick Podoloy Hora The Blue Lamp (KRL)
Music Under Announcements
Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane Antice East Wind (Tara)
Planxty Baneasa's Green Glade / Mominsko Horo Cold Blow and the Rainy Night (Shanachie)
Malinky Thaney 3 Ravens (Greentrax)
Planxty Smeceno Horo After the Break (Tara)
Erik Marchand et le Taraf de Caransebes Toniou Hir da Filie Dragomir +Dor (BMG)
Ad Vielle Que Pourra Kalamatiano Ménage à Quatre (Xenophile)
Stanley Greenthal Raindance Turning Towards You (Madrona Ring)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Stanley Greenthal Karsilimas from Thrace Celtic and Balkan Instrumental Music (Madrona Ring)
Solstice Dragana i Slaveya Solstice: A Female Vocal Ensemble (s/p)
Neda Voda Ajde Sto e Dzumbus Balkan Journeys Close to Home (Golden Horn)
Slavonian Traveling Band Yovanno Gone Gypsy (s/p)
Kitka Subrali Sa Se Subrali The Vine (s/p)
New Set
Bob Brozman (w/ George Pilali) Greek Duet The Running Man (s/p)
David Lindley y Wally Ingram The Johnson Boys Twango Bango III (s/p)
Kaleidoscope Rampe Rampe Infinite Colours, Infinite Patterns (Edsel)
Roger Landes & Chipper Thompson Los Dervisomangas / Jovano Jovanke The Janissary Stomp (Radio Free Bassanda Autophonic Disc & Talking Engine Co.)
New Set
Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude Kopanitza Midnight at Cabell Hall (Red House)
The Reptile Palace Orchestra Iste Hendek, Iste Deve Hwy X (Omnium)
Boiled in Lead Pontiaka Antler Dance (Omnium)
Boiled in Lead Cunovo Oro Orb (Atomic Theory)
New Set
Kitka Shen Khar Venakhi The Vine (s/p)