Doom and Gloom, May Day with Broceliande Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 3, 2003
Hour 1: Doom and Gloom

First set

Kitka, "Subrali Sa Se Subrali," The Vine, 3:30 (self-produced)

Fairport Convention, "Doctor of Physick," Cropredy 2002, 3:36 Woodworm Records

Varttina, "Nahkaruoska," Iki, 3:08 Northside

Richard Thompson, "One Door Opens," The Old Kit Bag, 4:19 Cooking Vinyl

Fairport Convention, "Innstuck," Expletive Delighted, 2:05

Second set

Fairport Convention, "Jack O'Diamonds," Cropredy 2002, 4:07 Woodword Records

Richard Thompson, "I'll Tag Along," The Old Kit Bag, 3:50 Cooking Vinyl

Rob Wasserman, "Wildside," Space Island, 4:55 Atlantic Recordings

Third set

Karan Casey, "The Ballad of Tim Evans," Distant Shore, 3:08 Shanachie

Fairport Convention, "Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman," Cropredy 2002, 5:50 Woodworm Records

Gabriel Yacoub, "Elle Se Promene," Elementary Level of Faith, 2:30 Shanachie

Fairport Convention, "The Bonny Black Hare," Angel Delight, 3:03 Island

Fourth set

Fairport Convention, "Tam Lin," Cropredy 2002, 8:30 Woodworm Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 3, 2003
Hour 2: May Day

Broceliande LIVE

1.) "The Helston Furry"

2.) "Ah Robyn, Gentil Robyn"

3.) "A L'Entrade del Tens Clar"

4.) Broceliande, "La Rosa Enflorece/Saltarello," Gathering of May, 4:30 Flowinglass Music

5.) "#179" (O'Carolan)

6.) "Oh Lusty May"

7.) "Joy of My Life"

8.) Broceliande, "Hal-An-Tow," Broceliande, 2:50 Flowinglass Music

9.) Broceliande, "It Was a Lover and His Lass," Gathering of May, 4:12 Flowinglass Music

Closing Set

Richard Thompson, "Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne," The Old Kit Bag, 3:57 Cooking Vinyl

Tony Cuffe, "Angus G. MacLeod/The Ewie Wi the Crokit Horn," Sae Will We Yet, 4:44 Greentrax