Claudia Schmidt Live, the Chieftains

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 15, 2003
Hour 1: The Chieftains and Claudia Schmidt

First set

The Chieftains, "The Bells of Dublin," The Bells of Dublin, 3:04 RCA Victor / BMG

Van Morrison & The Chieftains, "Star of the County Down," Irish Heartbeat, 2:41 RCA Victor / BMG

The Chieftains & The Rolling Stones, "The Rocky Road to Dublin," The Long Black Veil, 4:17 RCA Victor / BMG

Second set

The Chieftains, "Boil the Breakfast Early," The Chieftains 9 / Boil the Breakfast Early, 3:51 Columbia / Legacy

Barra MacNeils & The Chieftains, "Rattlin' Roarin' Willie," Fire in the Kitchen, 4:04 RCA Victor / BMG

Claudia Schmidt, "At the Irish Jubilee" (live), 4:05

Music & Conversation with Claudia Schmidt live

Claudia Schmidt, "Somebody Else's Restaurant," Wings of Wonder, 3:02 Red House

Claudia Schmidt, "Everyone's Blues Are the Bluest," live

Claudia Schmidt, "Mortal Friend," live

Claudia Schmidt, "The Art of Pie," live

Claudia Schmidt, "Livingstone's Farewell," Wings of Wonder, 3:55 Red House

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 15, 2003
Hour 2: The Chieftains and Derek Bell

1.) The Chieftains, "Up Against the Buachalawns," The Best of the Chieftains, 3:51 Columbia / Legacy

2.) The Chieftains, "The Connemara Stocking / The Limestone Rock / Dan Breen's," The Chieftains, 2:40 Island Records

3.) The Chieftains, "Oh! The Breeches Full of Stitches," The Best of the Chieftains, 4:21 Columbia / Legacy

4.) The Chieftains, "The Morning Dew," The Chieftains Live, 3:31 Shanachie

5.) The Chieftains, "Carolan's Concerto," The Chieftains Live, 3:08 Shanachie

6.) The Chieftains, "Full of Joy," The Chieftains in China, 2:32 Shanachie

7.) The Chieftains, "Planxty Irwin," The Chieftains in China, 2:56 Shanachie

8.) The Chieftains, "China to Hong Kong," The Chieftains in China, 4:20 Shanachie

9.) Derek Bell, "O'Carolan's Farewell to Music," Carolan's Receipt, 3:27 Shanachie

10.) Derek Bell, "Carolan's Variations on Cock Up Your Beaver," Carolan's Favorite, 3:53 Shanachie

11.) The Chieftains, "The Tiampan Reel," The Chieftains 5, 3:10 Shanachie

12.) Derek Bell, "Seoirse Brabston," Carolan's Receipt, 2:05 Shanachie