Linda Thompson and Lost & Found

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 12, 2002
Hour 1: Lost and Found

Linda Thompson interview with Terry Gross/Fresh Air

Linda Thompson, "Dear Mary," Fashionably Late, 3:29 Rounder

Linda Thompson, "Evona Darling," Fashionably Late, 3:18 Rounder

Linda Thompson, "Dear Old Man of Mine," Fashionably Late, 3:25 Rounder

First set

Paul Brady, "Mary and the Soldier," The Liberty Tapes, 4:06 Compass

Liz Carroll, "The Rock Reel/The Morning Dew/Reeling on the Box," Lake Effect, 3:21 Green Linnet


Second set

Paul Brady, "The Creel/Out the Door and Over the Wall," The Liberty Tapes, 7:20 Compass

Linda Thompson, "The Banks of the Clyde," Fashionably Late, 5:38 Rounder

Liz Carroll, "A Day and an Age," Lake Effect, 5:45 Green Linnet


Folk Music & Beyond for October 12, 2002
Hour 2: Lost and Found

First set

Linda Thompson, "Nine Stone Rig," Fashionably Late, 3:13 Rounder

Liz Carroll, "The Ghost/The Hatchlings/The Long Bow," Lake Effect, 5:16 Green Linnet

Paul Brady, "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore," The Liberty Tapes, 6:00 Compass

Linda Thompson, "No Telling," Fashionably Late, 4:59 Rounder

Liz Carroll, "Spinning Out of Turn/Tom and Martin," Lake Effect, 3:12 Green Linnet


Second set

Linda Thompson, "A Weary Life," Fashionably Late, 3:41 Rounder

Paul Brady, "Arthur McBride," The Liberty Tapes, 7:34 Compass

Liz Carroll, "Oh Bedad!/For the Love of Music," Lake Effect, 3:40 Green Linnet

Paul Brady, "Jackson and Jane," The Liberty Tapes, 4:47 Compass