Labo(u)r Day 2002

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 31, 2002
Hour 1: Labour Day

First set

Unknown women singers, "Heman Dubh Hi Ri Oro" and "Ho Na Falibhig Chunnacas Bata," World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: Scotland, 1:32 Rounder

Talitha MacKenzie, "E Hi Ho," Solas, 1:21 Shanachie

Martyn & Margaret Bennett, "Buan a' Choirce," Glen Lyon, 3:53 Foot Stompin' Records

Second set

Tone Hulbækmo, "Sheep Call," The Sweet Sunny North, vol. 2, 1:26 Shanachie

Teresa Doyle, "The Shearing," A Taste of Atlantic Canada, 2:34 Ground Swell Records

Carla Sciaky, "Song for the Spinning Wheel" and "Spinning Wheel Song," Spin the Weaver's Song, 1:25 Green Linnet

Third set

Si Kahn, "In the Spinning Mill," Threads, 3:00 Double Time Music

John Doyle & Karan Casey, "The Wheels of the World," Evening Comes Early, 3:28 Shanachie

Rita Connolly, "Factory Girl/Same Old Man," Rita Connolly, 4:21 Tara

Midway music

Pierre Bensusan, "The Welsh Arrow" and "Bouree Voltige," Intuite, 5:19 dadgad Music

Fourth set

Waterson:Carthy, "We Poor Labouring Men," Broken Ground, 5:43 Topic Records

Ewan MacColl, "The Four Loom Weavers," World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: England, vol. 1, 1:34 Rounder

Maddy Prior & June Tabor, "The Old Miner," No More to the Dance, 6:12 Shanachie

Fifth set

Big Louisiana, "Berta," Prison Worksongs, 3:41 Arhoolie

Stan Rogers, "White Collar Holler," Between the Breaks—Live, 2:30 Fogarty's Cove Music

Keith Hancock, "Force on the Workforce," Hard Cash, 2:31 Green Linnet

Mark Graham, "Poor Folks," Inner Life, 2:21 (self-produced)

The Barely Works, "Something'll Have to Change," Don't Mind Walking, 3:50 Green Linnet

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 31, 2002
Hour 2: Labor Day/Dark Songs for Recessionary Times

First set

Greg Brown, "Good Morning Coffee," Turn of the Decade: Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival, 4:34 Red House Records

Alive!, "City Life," City Life, 3:43 Alive! Records

Cliff Eberhardt, "Sugartown," School for Love, 3:04 Red House Records

Second set

Artisan, "Big Green Credit Machine," Breathing Space, 2:00 Bedspring Music

Tom Robinson, Martyn Joseph, & Steve Knightly, "The Thin Green Line," Faith, Folk, & Anarchy, 3:41 Hands On Records

David Lindley & Wally Ingram, "Little Green Bottle," Twango Bango II, 5:04 (self-produced)

Third set

Richard Shindell, "The Confession," Somewhere Near Paterson, 5:14 Signature Sounds

Diane Ziegler, "Cog in the Wheel," Sting of the Honeybee, 3:44 Philo/Rounder

Lucy Kaplansky, "Small Dark Movie," Going Driftless: An Artist's Tribute to Greg Brown, 2:59 Red House Records

Steve Tilston, "The Greening Wind," The Greening Wind, 5:25 Hubris


Richard Shindell, "Transit," Somewhere Near Paterson, 5:58 Signature Sounds

Gerardo Núñez, "Remache," Jucal, 5:24 Alula